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  1. Hi Jeoff, how are you mate?

  2. Hi Loko, I saw that you'll be just 1 h away from my place. If you fancy a stop or an alternative to Milan, let me know. I live in Parma, just South of Milan. In any case, have a great trip.


  3. I have never managed to get a quote out of them
  4. Menoporsche is right. Unless you register and insure the car in France, long term insurance is going to be a nightmare or expensive. It is a matter of risk. You see a lot of foreign plated cars in the UK that are owned by people living in the UK on a temporary basis and some on a less temporary basis but that will be insured in their country. I see the same here in Parma working for an international organisation. As long as you can convince your insurance company that in case of an accident you were just on a (regular) visit to France and you are still resident in the UK, you may be OK (assuming you don't have to prove it with a recent ferry/tunnel ticket with the car's details ). This is perhaps a risk worth considering with an old and cheap car but not with an expensive one like a porker. This is one of the reasons why I have my car registered and insured in Italy even if insurance costs are much higher here. A question that you also need to ask yourself is what happens if another person has been injured in the accident and your UK insurance company refuses to pay. This is my second reason.
  5. I can only dream of such quotes now. The insurance for my current 10 year-old Alfa 147 JTD (with a full no- claim bonus brought from the UK) is €650 The insurance for the C4S will be 5 x higher :suicide_anim:
  6. I must admit that I have been lucky with getting decent (and firm) quotes through confused.com. Except for endsleigh with whom I was for the Boxster for 2 years, renewal quotes have always been a joke.
  7. Don't forget to ask for another Australian licence to replace the one you have lost
  8. Must be my occupation change! both Admiral & Elephant in excess of £700 £420 paid last year Limited mileage, social & domestic use ONLY and use of other vehicle's and still lowest quote is £540 with 'Kwikfit' Go figure Can't you put it on the airbus insurance as second vehicle?
  9. The variation in price for bread may be limited (although I don't know what Harrods charges for a loaf) but looking at the price range for Christmas puds (ASDA's at £0.21 per 100g versus Waitrose's at £1.54 per 100g) (*) they are not too far off the range for insurance quotes. (*) No, I am not that sad to follow supermarket prices. I remembered a programme on tv a couple of weeks ago where they compared quality and prices of puddings and that it was published in which magazine and the internet.
  10. Slightly off topic but I guess this principle will be applied to health insurances sooner or later. You were born with variant X of this gene so you are 5 times more likely to develop such and such disease.
  11. I have been with Endsleigh for over a year. For some strange reason the renewal price was nearly identical to the price quoted when first moving over to them.
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