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  1. That IS always my abiding memory. I've never punched anyone properly but would cheerfully punch the FA that sold us our first endowment until my knuckles bled, he was a lying chancer through and through.
  2. Similar though process to mine, plus it would be a hell-of-a-lot easier to keep track of them
  3. Hmmm, If I pooled all of my pensions I might have enough to buy a nice little car, providing it's less than £5k of course (One of) My Aviva pension statements is sitting on the desk in front of me. August 2019 it was worth the grand total of £2,757.29 Skip to August 2020 and it is currently worth £2,545.96 AND the kents actually charge you to let them lose money for you So the fekking thing is going backwards, good to know and why I detest the financial services so thoroughly as the ones I have come into contact with are a bunch of lying thieving wastrels, of course that's only the ones that I have met
  4. Will keep an eye out for this thread as I'm in a very similar position to Matt.
  5. My daughter is doing the dance with insurers ATM and I have told her their first proper offer sounds very reasonable.
  6. Wasn't it FIVE screws 😳
  7. ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS call it in to the Police. From the time our car received MINOR damage at an airport parking service to the time an errant wheel trim hit the front of Mr. Box. Both times the incident was put to bed simply by texting the Police Incident number to the other party and asking how they wished to proceed, Officially or Unofficially.
  8. Went through this a couple of times and can't say I enjoyed the experience at all. Sounds like you shouldn't have too much trouble convincing someone else how useful you are chin up and don't let the barstewards wear you down. let me know if there is anything I can help with round my neck of the woods.
  9. Mr. Sheen is a reasonable substitute for silicone spray. Haven't seen a HOW-TO for this on here for years, well done
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