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  1. Tbh I’ve just bitten the bullet and went with LVE for £595 for me and my partner. Couldn’t be arsed faffing about 🙄 😂
  2. Couldn’t help me this time as I need a years experience driving a similar car... Apparently I need a years experience driving a similar car so 6 months in a macan doesn’t qualify nor 3 years in an Audi A4 with a 3 litre petrol engine
  3. I’ll give A plan a ring. LVE have quoted £579 which is better!
  4. I think I’d lose my nuts if she wasn’t 😂
  5. Fiddled about a bit more and on a standard Carrera she adds £20. On the Carrera S she adds £450 🤔
  6. Is there anyone specific to speak to at A-Plan? Getting stupid quotes off compare the market so looking to speak to someone to get a decent quote.
  7. 😂 Yes she has a Macan. Paid about £450 to get insured!
  8. I’m viewing a new car on Thursday and I was playing around with car insurance quotes on compare the market. Car is a 2013 Carrera S. When the website opened it had saved my old details from a few years ago so I updated the car and got a quote: £690. Not too bad I guess. But then I addes my partner on, updated to co habiting: £1200 😳 Myself 37 with 15 years no claims and no convictions etc etc. Her 50 with 20 years no claims and no convictions. How can adding her add £510 to the quote?? I could understand if she had 9 points and a bunch of accidents!
  9. That’s weird, not sure why I can’t receive messages 🤔 Thank you for the contacts, appreciated.
  10. If the vehicle price was £60k which would you recommend?
  11. I’m after some recommendations for finance companies to contact to compare to an OPC quote. Googling scares me a little, I’d rather go off a recommendation. Can anyone help out?
  12. Already done it, still standing 😂 I’ll shop around a bit obviously but for a yardstick it seemed ok 🤔😳
  13. So just in case: Spoke to Porsche Nottingham and they do PCP on approved used. Sample quote was: £58,000 car £6,000 deposit £870/month for 36 months Guaranteed minimum value of £29,500 That was on a 2012 reg 911. The minimum value looked good to me, suspect there would be lots of equity left in the car. I’ve no idea how the monthly payments compare to other options though. @MH82 any thoughts?
  14. Will do 👍🏻 Im slightly intrigued how it works being self employed. Well technically employed but by my own business. Suspect it’s not straight forward and being ‘tax efficient’ will bore me in the ar*e here.
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