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  1. @Sazzy - just to let you know that this guide was a massive help for a friend who was working through hood alignment problems. They’re fixed now Thank you.
  2. So in this case there’s no parity for UK citizens compared to their Irish equivalents. Fascinating - I wonder if there’s a “human rights violation” here on the basis that over the same grounds one group is being treated differently to another. Do you want to be that test case? I wouldn’t but it is interesting given how everyone has rights.....
  3. I’m the same position as above however I was under the impression that there was a pre-existing “treaty” between the UK and Ireland that covered driving licenses and other day to day inter country document portability - was also under the impression that this remained in place regardless of the EU/UK agreement. If that’s changed then I can see it affecting more Irish than UK nationals simply on the balance of flow of people between the countries.
  4. Solid logic however it doesn’t fit every need - Agreed Value typically restricts mileage - fine if it’s a High Days car that’s garaged (usually another AV condition) but for anything like daily use the highest limit I found was 7500 miles which in a normal year isn’t enough for my 986.
  5. Just a thought - might it be driven by a change of circumstances? I know my insurance premium reduced when I moved into my own home from renting and again when I added the now mrs_map as a named driver. That said the total saving wasn’t anything like a 50% reduction. The other thing I found with car insurance premiums is that a proper conversation with a decent broker is almost always preferable to an on-line form. This may be because my cars are heavily tweaked but it also worked for a friend of ours who hadn’t built up a UK driving record as a consequence of living overseas for 15 years. She got horrible premiums on line and went to APlan Thatcham on my recommendation and it was all fine.
  6. Surprised to see this - might be worth another word and ask them to go to their underwriters for a specific review/decision. You may need to push a bit They did this for me to get my bizarre cover requirements in place and that direct approach on my behalf worked well.
  7. Have used them consistently for the last few years - I insure a couple of heavily modified P cars with them and they always manage to find proper cover for sensible money given the context of the modifications/on street parking/full work use including customers in the car (not a Taxi) and higher than average mileages. Not had to claim yet but they’ve been very responsive on thevodd occasion where I’ve not been 100% about something.
  8. As much as it grieves me to write this - whatever's right isn't necessarily what's expedient for you. If these guys are as aggressive as it sounds then it may just be worth paying for the mirror - in this situation I would not want someone in my family being exposed to the possibility of further intimidating behaviour especially as they now have a mobile number. By all means have a go at reasoning with the guy - he may have calmed down a bit this morning - and if you can reach a sensible solution great. On the other hand if he won't then just revert to the insurers and if he gets too punchy then it might be worth a quick visit to your local police station - in my experience they take a pretty dim view on this sort of threatening behaviour. A quick call from them might just calm things down enough to sort it out.
  9. A friend went to Locktons who were apparently reluctant to quote him - he'd just bought a Cayman GTS - as he didn't have any experience of sports cars. Now I wasn't in the conversation and heard this third hand but I can see why a broker or underwriter might be concerned about this. That said this is an isolated case and many speak highly of Locktons and so in your situation I'd be sure to contact them. Whilst I have no problem obtaining car insurance my cars are a long, long way from standard and have to be covered for work use, no mileage restrictions, customer site visits and the like so my insurance context is unusual . This site has a sponsor in A-Plan and in my experience the guys at A-Plan Thatcham have always delivered good service with proper cover at a sensible premium - I'd recommend you give them a try.
  10. If you really want a laugh try insuring... A modified 986S (admittedly fairly extensive) for SDP With Business Use - all passenger car types apart from Commercial Travelling and Hire & Reward. Plus an expected milage in excess of 12k/year. Then tell them it's parked on the street, in London. That it'll spend some of its time on dedicated, but road legal, track tyres/wheels. And that it'll be wandering round Europe for 3 or 4 weeks a year. At which point you'll hear some pretty brutal premiums, if they bother to quote. In the end I am OK with what it costs given the non-standard nature of the car and its use pattern - albeit I am not quite in the "Prime of life" just yet. A-Plan Thatcham have been great for the last few years, managing to find me underwriters who take an individual view of the risk.
  11. Have to say I am pleased with the service and policies I have with A Plan - both cars are heavily modified (engines, brakes, suspension and drive trains in each case) with both are covered for proper business use and daily driver mileages although the SC hasn't been used nearly enough in 2016. Have to say A Plan Thatcham seem to be one of the few who don't "sigh" we we start running through the mods. The SC was a bit of a challenge this year but the guys at AP Thatcham sorted it out for me and at a net lower price than the previous year.
  12. Have to say that my experience with A Plan has been positive. Insured a well tweaked 986 and a very heavily modified 911SC (different engine - 50% more power - seriously updated brakes and suspension albeit Porsche parts) with some less than compromising requirements on my part and they pulled it off. Proper insurance, like for like on the 911 mods and high indicative mileage levels. Am happy with premiums especially as others just weren't interested.
  13. Some of you will be aware that my 986s isn't quite to factory spec anymore.... So called A-Plan as the renewal had rolled around again and dealt with Rob. Absolutely great service, called when he said he would and kept me in the loop as the underwriters considered the risk. Premium signicantly lower than last year via another provider with more cover. Asked them to quote for something else (four cars in two person household) which is heavily modified got another good quote but we stumbled over one aspect which Rob is going to try a fix via another A-Plan branch. Overall very pleased - hope I don't have to use it. A-Plan: highly recommended.
  14. Hi Matthew, thought I would say hi. I was searching the site for a friend of mine with a boxster.

    Life has been busy with me, moving house, moving job about a year ago. Still in fulham though. I hope all is well with you.


  15. My insurer insisted on it and in my haste to get my mits on the car I didn't really assess the true cost. The insurance premium on the best quotes may not be cheaper once you factor in the tracker install and the recurring annual subscription. Having said that you may decide that the improved chances of catching a thieving scumbag that nicks your car is worth the outlay. Which is how I look at it now. Hope this helps..
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