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Found 1 result

  1. Finally managed to copy the text from the PDF into a post. Anyway, here it is: UKTINPOL 2 hack: DRL's for 987 Boxster (Taken and edited from http://www.6speedonl...-lights-15.html) I completed the Utkinpol II DRL hack using these tips and pictures... (1) DIODE Bought it from Maplins: item code QL73Q (1N4001S 1A Silicon Diode/Rectifier) £0.49 each (2) REMOVE LIGHT SWITCH I removed the light switch by pushing in the light switch while in the OFF position, and turning gently clockwise until it clicked. Then the switch just slides out. Unplug the Light switch from the wiring harness and plug. TIP: Be careful... The rubbery paint on the circular trim piece that seats the light switch is extremely delicate. Even slightly scraping it with the wire harness could cause it to peel. I suggest placing or taping an index card there so you don't accidentally remove your paint. Do not put tape on the trim paint itself, however. (3) REMOVE THE WIRE PLUG TIP: No need to cut the black wire-tie. Here's what I did... Instead of cutting the wire-tie, I was able raise the release clip (see picture 1), insert a small screwdriver in the slot next to the clip, and slide the plug out of the plug cover. The yellow/white and red/yellow wires are clearly visible once the plug is out. (4) PREPARE DIODE TIP: No need for shrink tubing or wire tape. Here's what I did... The diode can fit nicely inside the plug cover. Bend the wire leads 90 degrees, close to the diode, as shown in picture 2. This will be just wide enough for the diode to fit between the yellow/white and the red/yellow wires on the plug. Cut the diode leads to a length of about 1/2"; should be long enough to reach up to the windowed metal "triangles" shown in picture 3. (5) INSERT DIODE Slide the diode leads into the plug, along the yellow/white and the red/yellow wires. The cathode (the side of the diode with the silver band) must be inserted along the red/yellow wire. Again, picture 3 shows how this should look. TIP: The diode side with the silver band goes with red/yellow wire. (6) REPLACE PLUG COVER & REINSTALL SWITCH Slide the plug with the diode back into the plug cover, and snap in place. Reconnect the plug and wire harness to the light switch. Then, insert the switch into the circular trim piece on the dash, gently push in the light switch and turn counter-clockwise. (7) MY EXPERIENCE It works, and the car looks as though these lights were intended to operate like this. Certainly no more distracting or attention grabbing than some of the VW OEM setups (or plenty of other brands not using LEDs as DRLs). I did the hack sometime around the end of August 2014; so far no battery drain issues, no issues from other road users including the boys in blue, and no error messages or the like. With the ignition on and the light switch in the Home position the fogs now come on on their own i.e. no dipped head lamps or sidelights (either front or rear). The fog light symbol on the light switch surround illuminates to remind you they are on, and if you wish to switch them off you just have to turn the switch to Off. When you turn the side lights or head lights on, the fog "DRLs" go out so the car only has the lights on you would normally expect. The "Home" lighting functions remain exactly as normal, too. It was a surprisingly easy and quick mod; maybe 10 minutes, tops. Reversal would be just as easy and quick, too. No soldering or cutting of wires required!
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