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Found 8 results

  1. Keep the car running smoothly and potentially get back some lost performance by cleaning the Throttle Body and Mass Air Flow sensor The throttle body controls air flow into the engine and will open and close when you press or release the accelerator pedal. The MAF or Mass Air Flow sensor is a device that measures the density of the air coming into the engine from the air intake. This data is used by the car’s computer to help correctly control engine fuelling. Over time these will get dirty so if you think your car is running a bit sluggish or worse stalling or in limp mode then clean
  2. A common fault this one but easy to fix just a bit time consuming. Took me 2 hours but did it for just £60. Video guide below:
  3. My latest guide shows you how I changed the coolant on my 986 Boxster. I also flushed it with de-ionised water.
  4. The anti roll bar or sway bar bush, as it is also called, is simply a piece of rubber that holds the bar in place. Over time this will wear our so if you hear a knocking from the front or rear of the car it could be that the bushes need replacing. My step by step video guide is here:
  5. This is my step by step guide on how to replace your standard rubber brake hoses with steel braided ones. Video of all this is here: https://youtu.be/Czvr1_lNZew Summary Spray brake hose nuts Loosen nuts Remove hose Fit new hose Tighten huts Check clearance Repeat on remaining wheels Bleed system Tools and parts needed Open ended spanners Flare spanners Penetrating fluid Vice grips Clamps Stainless steel braided lines 1. First you’ll need to remove a wheel. Here’
  6. Spent the weekend rebuilding the braking system and swapped out the master cylinder and booster. Step by step video is here: https://youtu.be/LsVANgHiR84 Here’s a summary of what we’ll be doing Remove plastic bits Move horn Remove reservoir Disconnect brake lines Remove master cylinder Disconnect brake pedal linkage Remove brake booster Fit new booster and master cylinder Bleed the brakes and clutch Tools and parts needed · Knife · Scissors · Socket se
  7. Evenin' all, For all those of you considering getting started working on your car I’ve put together a short and simple video. I did it primarily to show the cost savings doing it yourself but even if you never attempt anything the video should help to de-mystify what the basic service items are. https://youtu.be/SbNwS1qXj1Q By all means not a comprehensive list and there will probably be another video for what I’ve left out here. So, what is a car service? Well, some describe it as simply changing the engine oil. I will take you through the six major service ite
  8. Used the search but couldn’t find a guide on how to change the engine oil on a 986 Boxster so thought I’d post how I do it. I’ve also made a video of all this and it’s at https://youtu.be/-1crjE8HDCI Porsche recommend changing the oil every 12,000 miles or every two year whichever comes first but I change the oil every 6000 miles to help protect the IMS bearing. As I track my car occasionally I use Fuchs Titan Race Pro 5W40 and I get it from Opie Oils. The process is actually quite simple : · Heat the engine · Drain the oil ·
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