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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm looking to get some self inflicted damage on my car repaired and have had quotes ranging from £400-800. Damage is across 2 panels- metallic colour) Obviously I'd want the best quality job possible, so considering claiming on my insurance to get a reputable body shop to do the work. Excess payable would be £500-possiblity less with go compare excess refund) I've got 15 years protected NCB, but the concern is that despite this i'll need to declare the claim and subsequent policies will increase. (I've read online that this is inevitable as the discount will just be applied to an increased premium.) I haven't contacted my insurance company yet, as I've also read that reporting the damage will automatically increase my premium as technically I've had an accident- whether i claim or not. Anyone else been in this situation and have any advice? i.e. settle privately vs take the risk and claim or do both options balance out in the long term 🤨 Many thanks
  2. Top marks to these guys'. Answered phone straight away, mirrored my NCD (saved me £300) and bettered my defender quote. Refreshing and very pleasant to deal with.
  3. Insurance due for review end of the month & after phoning current insurers was a bit miffed that premium hadn't gone down a penny even though an extra years ncb etc etc... So this prompted my to phone around & I gave Lockton a call, mainly because they advertise good rates for PCGB members. Interestingly enough, they beat my renewal & the policy includes agreed valuation, choice of garage for repair, UK / European break down cover & also track day use. The policy looks good value & also nice to have a direct contact instead of call centre etc. Anyone have any experiences, good or bad, with Lockton? I've done a quick google search but not a lot of info out there. Cheers.
  4. I know its a bit of an ask, but does anyone know of a company that can offer reasonable quotes for a 22 year old for a limited mileage policy on a caymen 2.7?
  5. Just been speaking to my insurance about adding spacers and lowering springs to my Audi S3, via my broker. I have sent details of the springs and spacers as advised to them in which they have notified my insurer think its Aviva... anyway, they say that they wont insure my car with these modifications - is that barmy or what? with the world of modified cars growing by the minute and that's not just your RS turbo crew surely it would make more sense to offer insurance and pump the premium up a bit? How do you who have modified your boxster / car get on with your insurance company? I wouldn't NOT tell them about the mods, don't see the point in that. But these are small modifications.... wonder what would happen if I started banging 20" rims on it and pumping it to 500 hp surely some of the Instagram'ers are not declaring all
  6. Renewing my car insurance today and got the best quote (by far) from Hastings Direct. I tend to keep my Boxster in a locked garage most nights, but these guys seemed quite strict on how they interpret 'kept in locked garage' stating they can disallow a claim for damage/theft overnight if parked somewhere close to the garage, but not locked inside. As on the odd occasion it's left on the driveway overnight, I changed the quote to 'parked on driveway' - premium came back £2 less!, then out of curiosity checked again for 'parked in street', and the quote comes back another 5p cheaper! I'm left wondering how do they start to explain this pricing structure, and what's the point of even distinguishing on this aspect when the premium differences are so small?
  7. Well I got my Boxster insured through Hastings Direct. I've received an email asking me to contact them. After speaking with them they have decided not to accept my company NCB and increase my premium by 100%. Has anybody else dealt with this situation before? If somebody who put me in touch with a broker/company who will accept company bonus I would be grateful.
  8. What a bummer !!!! I wanted to take Boxster off the road over winter or should i say when the snow comes, so been searching for a 4x4 as where i live everyone was stuck last year due to the snow, so been searching and juggling the idea of them big jeep's range rovers etc and manage to what i thought was a bargin and is fit for what i needed. Rang insurance and asked to put a second car on policy, CANNOT you dont have multi car and we dont sell multi car !! ok so open new policy but they couldnt quote due to my no claims etc all been on my Boxster policy it would be a fresh new policy with nothing to bring to it ie; no no claims so couldnt insure, what's alternatives i ask, they said just swop the policy over ? meaning boxster would not be insured, i Said i dont want that as boxster would still be parked where its parked each night outside on road ( away from main rd) so still could be stolen or damaged if someone drove into it. So now toying with the idea of winter tryes and snow socks or would i get away with just snow socks ? recommendations greatly appreciated
  9. I have a 3k limit which when I bought the car seemed like more than enough. Now after 3 months I have done nearly 2k. Is it possible to extend on limited mileage policies? Are these just guidelines or does my insurance cease at 3001? The car is addictive and as I get to know it more I am enjoying it more and more, I am holding off taking it to a track day as I am scared of breaking it...
  10. Just moved my Boxster policy over to these people on account of the reduction from £560 to £443 inluding breakdown and legal. Personal touches too, little old fashioned i know but customer service was excellent abd good value IMO. If you should read this and take out cover mention my name, i think its like a money pyramid and by next year i should have recieved enough 50p' to retire I should put "there are also dearer and less customer based companies out there that you could try also"
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