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How to: Remove and clean the Throttle Body and MAF Sensor


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On 10/11/2019 at 11:05 AM, Hughsehhh said:

Anyone else have experience of cleaning the throttle body and want to give feedback, good or bad? I guess it's one of those where all being well, people do it and it works fine so they don't comment, whereas those that do have issues raise it on forums such as these.

I was due to do mine this weekend, but a little reluctant now. 

Only just come across this thread.  I replaced my MAF as the old one was shot and the car started misfiring all over the place.  I took the opportunity to clean the throttle body which was pretty fifthly so cleaning it all out with Wurth brake cleaner.  Fortunately I have a code reader to be able to reset the CEL after the MAF errors.  Doing both at the same time made sense so the car could 'learn' its new settings all in one go.  After just a clean, the TB could be flowing better but if the MAF is on its way out and the ECU has self adjusted to bad data from the MAF, that might explain why the OP's had stared running roughly.

With a correctly functioning MAF and a clean throttle body the throttle response is definitely sharper and the whole drive train smoother on low speed/low throttle openings.

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