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9 hours ago, Davidbf1.com said:

Well, a year has gone by and I’ve just renewed again with A-Plan. Managed to shave a little from the renewal figure, and a little lower than 2019’s premium  

A-Plan were very helpful and efficient, M*nn**gs still several hundred pounds more, and PCGB’ partner Locktons basically said no point the wasting my time going through all the info, they’d be many hundreds adrift of my renewal figure.

didnt bother calling AS Flux, couldn’t be bothered with their approach - basically whatever they offer/ quit is there and them, to get you to go for it. Bit of a hard sell, which I don’t like.

hoping A-Plan come in competitive on the macan insurance when that’s due in April.

Thanks! Hopefully we do well on the 2nd vehicle too as we do multi discounts 😁 

We can quote up to 30 days before it's due 👍


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8 hours ago, Truth said:

Had a cheaper quote from Churchills multi car in the end so went with them on the Boxster and the Dacia Duster. £470 , very happy with that.

Will give A plan a call next year again 👍

We can't win them all 😉 but definitely try us next year! 


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Just had A-Plan insure my 993 and 986. They did a great job and liaised with the underwriters as my situation was not altogether straightforward. Something you cannot easily get with online or some other brokers.

Really excellent rates also.

Many thanks


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