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i took out policy with NFU for my car

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ringing around for insurance and the NFU was by far the best  for me not the cheapest  but not expensive either ..

no interest charges if paying  monthly  no charges what so ever if you need to make changes (car reg number after plates change ex extra  ) 

recovery  (i already have that with  bank )   a great deal and great to deal with  ( a local commercial van reversed into our parked family car last year (small crack to bumper ) the NFU accepted total fault and settled without fuss car fixed sharpish...........

just to let you lot know you will be surprised  on the cover they offer  and no mid term charges or   any extra charges  whatsoever ....... 


im more than happy with the level of cover  they give......

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That's exactly how I feel about them too - as I have said in the Porsche/Marsh/Aviva thread they have offered me very good cover at a great price, very nice to deal with too and great to hear how well they handled a claim.  My requirements are challenging - six drivers on my soon to arrive 991.2 GTS (so well over £100k worth), but they had no issue with that and have given me what I consider a very good price too.

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I don't use NFU but my wife has used them for years on various horse boxes, trailers etc etc, she has had a couple of claims and they have been brilliant, highly recommended if their quote is competitive for you. I may check them out for a quote at my next renewal.

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