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Hi has any body replaced the microswitch for the bonnet/boot on the inside sill of the cockpit as my bonnet switch has broken on the plastic toddle AND THE PULL SWITCH is crooked any you tube videos or advice on how to change it would be great.

many thanks


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Little confused as to what the problems is.
Presume the button on the inside sill is not working (ie to the front bonnet)
BUT are you also saying that the wire that you pull is not easy to get too

Can you still open the front bonnet with the key fob

If you can get the  front bonnet open then remove the headlight and reposition the wire (There is a ket for this in the     tool set)

Can send detail on how to replace the microswitch and part number if you need it

Do check with your Porsche dealer for price as they are often the cheapest

If you cant get the bonnet open I have the easiest way of doing it as my switch ceased

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thanks for your response there is no bonnet or boot wire pull for the 987 boxster the small switch is next to the drivers seat on the sill the bonnet switch is broken and i would like the replace the full unit if possible i can still open the bonnet with the key,


thanks mark

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Yes, did it.

Their are X2 bolts, one at the front and one at the rear, you need to get them out then the switch can be lifted. To put the the bolts back in was a bit annoying to line up. From time to time there are few second hand for sale, a new one is between £60 - £70.

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