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H&R lowering springs install: Part 2 (rear)

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Well done sir.  Most entertaining and enough to remind me to get someone else to do this when I get around to lowering mine!  Particularly like the home-made spring compressor and the bit when you were aligning the top mount whilst jacking the assembly with your foot :lol:


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1 hour ago, myfirstboxster said:

Good work as ever , I'm guessing your garage is freezing cold , time to get a heater ?

Heater? Heaters are for ricers! No, seriously though, this is Canada. The background noise that you can often hear in my videos is when I forget to turn off my 4800 watt construction heater that can get my garage up to 10 degrees C, which precludes my showing off my muscular torso in a t-shirt!

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I split the hub nut off to do mine, long way in to those cap heads if you don't have 4 foots worth of extensions!!  See you don't use anti seize on reassembly I'm more for the once bitten twice shy approach based on it could be me pulling it apart next time.

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