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Locktons Windscreen policy

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Can't find my policy docs at the moment and have a cracked windscreen?, anyone know what the windscreen policy is like with locktons? I've read too many bad experiences on here with Autoglass using pattern parts that don't fit to want to mess around with non OEM.

The current glass is Pilkington and I think I have a receipt for the Autoglass replacement in my history folder from a previous owner. It's cracked from the bottom edge, so suspect it was a cr*p install last time as no impacts that I am aware of, it just cracked sat on the drive.

I've got the PCGB policy if it makes a difference.

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Can't help with your locktons details but I had to use Autowindscreens last week to replace mine as stipulated in my policy with Markerstudy. They replaced the Saint Gobain one with a pilkington one. Bloke did a good job, took him 2 and a half hours, he was happy that I sat and watched him like a hawk, and offered help every now and again. all done in my garage.

Mine cracked at the bottom edge too, he reckoned it was a stress crack due to the pot holes been hit over the years.



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just phoned Locktons about windscreen claim and I can just choose whichever repaired I want and either get them to invoice Locktons, or pay and claim back. No issue with using OEM windscreen?

Very impressed with this policy, was a little more expensive than other options, but looks like when it matters, the extra is worth it.

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58 minutes ago, zorbs said:

Sounds good, do they also cover damage to the soft top - most don't?

Not sure, what sort of damage are you talking about? 

Here's the policy details


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Thanks Nobbie, can't see it covered in there but it is more likely to be damage due to vandalism. I need to renew my insurance at the end of April so will check with them then. An acquaintance of mine had his BMW soft top slashed with a knife on two occasions so I'm a bit wary but my car is garaged so less of a risk.

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