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Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?


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I was suffering a bit from a neighbours cat using my Boxster as an expensive cat basket.

Never really had any issues before but I’ve heard people on here having problems. I looked at my options and they are quite limited and also I doubt half of them don’t work.

But there’s hope!!!!!


These work!!!

Its only been 3 days but the neighbors cat hasn’t been anywhere near our house let alone the car.

Its still early days but the cat would of normally be on my car by now ??

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How much please and where to get? i have the same problem even though is under a fitted cover which cost £165 its been used as a scatching post as the cover is totaly feked


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We have a random peacock that sits on our car wing mirrors and attacks its reflection in the car windows. Be good to get an anti-peacock device. And a new wife as I think there could be some secret peacock feeding going on ?

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My roof is always covered in cat hair but as it's from one of our cats, I have no reason to complain.

People have found pepper to be a good deterrent, in the past.  I've never worked out how the cat is supposed to use the mill, without thumbs though....

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