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Had a bump, what is likely to happen at renewal time?

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Well, I blotted my copybook a month ago and had a walking speed altercation with a six week old Honda CBR650F whilst in my van. Entirely my fault, fortunately no-one hurt, not a mark on him, and the guy was an absolute gent. I was beyond mortified, it's a feeling of shame I hope never to experience again. Not a great year this, I got 3 points in September, twenty years to the month since the last time.

The bike basically sustained the same damage as it would if it had fallen off the sidestand. Less in fact, because the guy was sitting astride it, so it was the same effect as him overbalancing whilst sitting on it and breaking it's fall. Looking at it immediately afterwards, it had a scuff on the headlight, a bent footbrake, a scuffed frame protector, a scratched front brake lever and chips in the paint on the pointy edges of the panels that stick out, plus a small scrape in the paint on the engine cover. The bike was £7500 at the end of August this year. I was astonished to learn that in all probability they will write it off, as the foot brake lever has touched the frame when it bent and chipped the paint..... they won't repaint the panels or the frame, and everything with the slightest mark on it will be replaced, not repaired.  I've asked my ins.co. to make enquiries on my behalf with a view to purchasing the "salvage". In real terms, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I insure 5 vehicles with one company at the moment. 3 of them, including the van, have protected no claims. I have no experience of being at fault in an accident, so am not sure what to expect at renewal time in April. Can anyone with a similar experience shed some light on what may happen, as I don't have a clue as to whether the premium will go berserk, or not change much, and I may need to budget if a horror show  price increase is coming my way.

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A simple indicator to find out would be to put info into one of the online car insurance quote systems, like direct line. I normally use an address close to me and random letters for the name and a different reg for a similar car. Do 2 quotes with the same info, one without a fault claim and one with would give an indicator to possible increase

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With a protected no claims bonus the NCB will be protected. However your premium is likely to be raised (for all cars) before the NCB is applied. I have known people where there's been no discernable difference in financial outcome but others where there has been an increase (but not a "horror show"). I guess it depends on the insurance company.

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Your premium will rise as a result of the accident as will the premium for the bike rider - and for at least 3 years. Insurance companies are like Dick Turpin - they take by any means what they can.

Even no fault claims - like damage discovered to your vehicle after being parked up results in premium rises as in their view your risk of another claim is raised.

Your NCB is protected so whatever the amount raised by will still get the NCB applied - it also depends on the type of insurance - business or personal.

I have not had a personal claim so cant comment on the amount the premium may rise - but, a business claim made a big difference.

The company has 4 vehicles, annual premium for any driver (over the age of 21 and under 6 points) was £2500, one of our drivers had an at blame accident which wrote the van off - not significant damage either - the other vehicle was repaired - the premium rose by exactly £1000 on renewal

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