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It is time to renew my insurance and I have started to shop around using recommendations on this forum and other.

I am trying to find the contact details for NFU but all I get are the details of Aviva (who wants compulsory £500 access).

Can someone please give me the contact details?



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I use Locktons -  they will pay for you to join PCGB and my premium is the same as last year £315 - http://locktonperformance.com/our-cover/porsche.html

The key benefits of Porsche insurance through our PCGB Scheme policy are:

  • A fast and fair claims service.  
  • You choose the repairer
  • No arguments about the value of your Porsche after a claim.
  • You can keep the salvage if your Porsche is written-off.  
  • Five named drivers.
  • You can use your Porsche for Track Days and Rallies.
  • Your Porsche is insured for driving in the EU.
  • Complete UK & EU breakdown cover.  
  • We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.
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Thank you guys.

Talked with NFU and am waiting for final figure. Also talked with Lockton but haven't seen the figure yet.

The most interesting quote came from my current insurer. The renewal letter was £508 up from £398 but then reduced to £478 with an access of £400. I checked on GoCompare and their quote was £305 with access of £250. 😕

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