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I’m viewing a new car on Thursday and I was playing around with car insurance quotes on compare the market.

Car is a 2013 Carrera S.

When the website opened it had saved my old details from a few years ago so I updated the car and got a quote: £690. Not too bad I guess.

But then I addes my partner on, updated to co habiting: £1200 😳

Myself 37 with 15 years no claims and no convictions etc etc.

Her 50 with 20 years no claims and no convictions.

How can adding her add £510 to the quote??

I could understand if she had 9 points and a bunch of accidents!

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Cougars come at a premium mate.😀

Might be worth calling around a bit, see if you can get an explanation.

Does your partner have a car also? If so try multi car insurance.

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12 minutes ago, AlexW said:

Fiddled about a bit more and on a standard Carrera she adds £20. On the Carrera S she adds £450 🤔

Try giving A Plan a ring - look on the Insurance thread - just insured my Fiesta and my 987 SE with them - Fiesta came in at over £500 on the Meerkat as had a little ding last year but had protected no claims and didn't claim on mine and the Box came in at £230 before extras with A Plan and the Fiesta at £270 as they mirrored my NCD.

Don't listen to the others, you are a lucky man - Cougars are a gift 😉Perhaps don't tell her you told the forum her age🙄

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Try Locktons - best Porsche cover - they use to give you free first year to PCGB as well, think thats ended now though.

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I've just used A Plan to insure 5 vehicles, the Boxster, a much modified Evo 8, my work van, a Mk1 Mr2 and my other halfs Lexus. We're both 50 or over, both have 3 points and I had a claim against me last year for £2700. I paid £1375 all in, less than last year.

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