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ULEZ Compliant Cayenne


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Hello all,

My wife currently has a Range Rover Sport TDV8 (with less than 50k miles and we have to sell thanks to the Mayor of London's ULEZ). As such, we are looking at alternatives and Cayenne's have taken her eye.

I've been looking around a bit and it seems that they can be picked up for £28-32k with reasonable miles and much depreciation out of the way (2013 models onward). 

Has anyone any experience of running one of these and if so which engine did you have? I'm keen on the 4.2 Diesel S but you pay a premium for that over the 4.8 Petrol equivalent. There's also the 3.6S Petrol (more expensive) or a 3.0TD V6 (non-S) diesel...

We only do 4,000 miles a year so mpg is not so much of an issue, especially if off-set against a cheaper purchase cost. 

Any insight into these would be great! 

Many thanks


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we have a Dec 2012 registered 3.0 V6 Diesel and am very happy with it...currnetly on 77000 miles IIRC and we have had it aroudn 4 1/2 years. 

It rides nicely, acclerates well enough (not that you need that in London!) and our long term average mpg (combined short/normal/long trips) is around 32mpg (and whilst the wife wont go over 60 mph, I drive it like you should)

Brake pads are circa £1000 for all 4 fitted and a full set of discs and pads about £1600 at last check.

2yr / 20000 miles service interval, comparable costs to Boxster (albeit brakes!)

She has two sets of wheels and both the 20's and 21's would be about £800 - 1000 for a set of 4

Its a good motor imo

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