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Admiral multi car policy


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26 minutes ago, Apollo000 said:

How is this correct? Surely joint assets have to be listed as such and you cannot simply imply that an asset now belongs to two people when it was owned by one of them because you have engaged (pun intended) in a marriage ceremony? How does this stand when you have a civil ceremony, you're not married?  Having a financial interest in my eyes does not constitute ownership  - I have shares and as such a financial interest in the holding company but I don't own the company.

When asked if I am the legal owner it doesn't ask if anyone else has part ownership - therefore only 1 person can be the owner...….thoughts.....

If you are married (or civil partnership) all assets are joint, how do I know this....a hard divorce from a women who never worked a single day of our 20 year marriage, yes she raised the kids but she didn't earn a penny toward our assets and ended up with half (TBH its fair).

When you are asked if you are the legal owner it is automatically assumed you are joint owners if you are married, doesn't matter whose name its in (for all assets, not just cars) if you are married its all joint, that goes for dept too.


In other news, Chris has indeed phoned me, just waiting for a quote...


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2 hours ago, Roger C said:

Quote is in, little bit dearer than the renewal but better cover and less excess so I'm happy, just like to say Chris at A-plan was a pleasure to deal with, you really do get the personal touch with these guys...Happy Rog.


:D Thank you!!! I'll pass on to Chris Sheen who you dealt with.

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