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718 Spyder


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On 8/11/2020 at 12:34 AM, AndyI1 said:

I have just taken the plunge and ordered a 718 Spyder due for delivery in November, having had a 987S for 7 years followed by a 981S for the last 2 years. It will be the first new Porsche I've bought so I don't have the spend profile that seems to be normally needed to get the opportunity to buy one of these low volume cars. I've just seem to have been incredibly lucky. I'm completely outside my comfort zone as I've never bought a car before without test driving it first. Having agonised about the decision I eventually decided that if I didn't take advantage of the opportunity I'd never get the chance again. The roof will be a pain but I think I can live with it, yes there are questions about the sound, but having watched about every Spyder video on you tube, opinions on that vary, and yes there is a new 4.0GTS now available. I bought my first Boxster after finally realising it's a decision of the heart and not the head and this purchase is probably exactly the same. Most Porsche enthusiasts will probably understand that even if the rest of the world doesn't!

How exciting........”Harrie” reckons once you get used to it the roof can be on/off in very quick time....its really the fact that you have to pull over and get out the car to do it that you have to get used to........thats the issue for me as I am constantly putting the roof up down at traffic lights as the mood / weather changes......in a way it is part of what makes the spyder unique though......the best endorsement I can give it is that he reckons “its a keeper” which for him means more than a few months (seriously his track record is that he has new Porsches for about 3 months, last year he had about 5).....the fact he turned up to last weeks meet in it told us he really likes it (and that compared to a GT3RS and 992 he’s had recently)....exciting times...the wait will be horrendous lol 

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