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Cayenne expert help needed


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Hey all ,


I recently bought a Porsche 3.6 V6  facelift cayenne for the missus, it had recently had head gaskets changed.I had to replace the coolant tank as the sender was dead.a few days later it dropped all its coolant and after stripping out thermostat housing found the o-ring was pinched .also didn’t have a thermostat fitted.oredered one from Porsche and now fitted but cars temp acting funny.


for the first spin it didn’t heat up at all and I assumed the thermostat needed to cycle and may have been stuck as brand new.after a second longer drive it opened as the temp went to normal position @ 80c/halfway on gauge.drove up a long hill earlier so car under load/acceleration and it was running up @ 100/105c until I put heater on full to draw heat out and back on level motorway section.when I got home I check the rad hoses and the top exit along passenger side was really hot and lower rad hose on drivers side was stone cold ??

thinking blocked rad from previous head gasket issue or thermo stat jammed shut  ??


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