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981S->981 GTS


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So last week I spotted a nice looking BGTS on Autotrader and since I'd been thinking about a few mods to my S (PSE, Silver Rollover bars, and a few other bits and bobs), I thought I'd enquire what it would be to change over.  Anyway, man maths took over, and I picked up my new (to me) GTS yesterday from Essex (quite a drive for me since I'm located in Glasgow, but I was at the Porsche Experience Centre in Sliverstone yesterday morning, so not only the man maths worked, but also some form of alignment of stars for logistics).

Car is a late 2014 PDK (so MY 15) in GT Silver with my fav wheels (Sport Techno, this time painted).  Spec is good as follows:

Usual GTS Toys (PSE, Sport Chrono, PASM, black bits and diffuser, Alcantara innards) and then these options:

Heated Seats
2 Zone Climate
Rollover bar in exterior colour
Foldy Mirrors
Dimming Mirrors/Rain Sensor
Park Assist F&R
Aluminium Look Fuel Cap
20" Sport Techno Wheels Painted Black
Cruise Control
Light Design Package
Painted Key
Silver Seat Belts
Carbon Sill Guards
BOSE Surround Sound

Pics here

Boxster GTSBoxster GTS

Boxster GTS

Boxster GTSBoxster GTSBoxster GTS

Loving it so far!

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11 minutes ago, Graham BGTS said:

GT silver is a fantastic colour! Did you get a good deal from them and did you part exchange your car? Enjoy! 

Yes, GT Silver is growing on me.. it's right what many folks say and in the flesh its a bit special.  As I said to @Davidbf1.com I think Agate Grey is an awesome colour for a 981 (like my old one, and his BGTS), however the GT Silver with all the black accents is indeed v cool.  

Deal wise I think I just took advantage of the general uptick in prices for decent 981's - so basically I had mine for over 3 years and it depreciated almost nothing as trade in of an OK priced BGTS (Albeit high-is mileage for its age at 55k).  Man maths said that I got a 2 years newer car, way higher spec, lower actual mileage, and full OPC history and the GTS-ness, so it was worth it to me for the changeover £'s

The model year changes I also really like - TPMS, Jukebox thing for PCM (although @daz05 I am considering Joyeauto again as it std PCM looks v dated after enjoyeing (geddit??) CarPlay

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Oh, and here's some non interesting stuff.. I know none of us have these cars because they are frugal, but this was my trip computer in the 981S from Silverstone to Essex (granted on the average speed camera route). Quite amazing tho!




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That’s rather spiffing dear boy 😁

enjoy you lucky bugger 

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1 minute ago, hopz121 said:

Looks great OP

Decent spec too, silver is such an underrated colour on the Boxster and i am not sure why it looks excellent. 

How do you find it compares to the 981 S? 

Although I had a 500 mile drive back to Scotland from Essex, that was late and motorway all the way so I've not had a chance to notice much difference.  So far though:
- The PSE is awesome - what a difference it makes!
- Doesn't feel any quicker, but with only a small increment in power, I think we'd all struggle to notice anything
- Feels a bit firmer on the road, not played with PASM much yet
- The high spec makes it a lovely place to be (not that the 981S was shabby!)
- I kinda miss my Apple CarPlay Joyeauto mod I did on the 981S - PCM looks v dated

Hopefully I'll get out for a good run later in the week though and see if I can spot anything new

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12 minutes ago, dpg123 said:

Lovely car - congrats!

But OOOOOOH my eyes are spinning in my head - the filler cap is on upside down! Please go outside and fix it and let me know it's done! My OCD!!

I wondered who would spot that first!  Rest assured I will attend to it :)

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Congrats on the new car and for sure the man maths sound spot on to me!

It's the same age & model as mine with similar specs essentially.

FYI the MPS4S tyres make such a huge difference especially on the 20" rims too.  I think you're on P Zeros from the pics and I had a set of N0's then N1's of these before the Michelins.

The PASM and steering will feel much improved with new rubber too, so it'll only get better!

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Nice car, I think silver really suits these cars with the black accents.    Im essex way and didnt see that one come up,  although I was trying to justify a Guards red Spyder the other day but I failed at man maths at school and I still have the S for now.   

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Is that the one from QCC Wickford? I only live 5 minutes away and looked at it when i test drove a white S there a while ago, just couldnt stretch to it 😢

Although to be honest i couldn't stretch to the S they had at the time either & £40k, Think yours is up on their site already and at the price they have it up for it would have been within my budget if i hadn't bought my base 6 weeks ago.

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