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  1. 2 hours ago, plynchy said:

    Out of curiosity, where do you route the cable if you use the cabin 12v socket?

    I route it just where the glass meets top of the door (above door handle); a slight pinch on the cable, but no big problem.

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  2. On 981/991 the trickle charger should not be connected directly to both battery terminals; as you will bypass the battery management system.

    There is a -ve post on the wiper arm mech (offside) for this; or use the 12v socket in the cabin.🙂

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  3. I doubt if using both battery posts will do any actual harm; it’s just that the manager will not know the battery has been fully recharged; which may in turn affect other systems.

    eg. it may think the battery has not enough charge to activate Start/Stop... which in my opinion would be a good thing ;)

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  4. 18 minutes ago, RickLS7 said:

    There are some which have done what you have and their car has ended up on the back of a flatbed lorry. At the dealers they find out the warranties void and get a £2000 bill.

    Sometimes it’s beneficial to read the manual. 

    I think the tongue-in-cheek emoji is missing here :)


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  5. Just in case you are not aware, don’t connect the Ctek direct to both battery terminals...

    Use the battery +terminal and the special  -post sited on the wiper mech.

    Or use a cig/cabin power point.

    Otherwise the battery manager system is bypassed.

  6. I have it :)

    It’s not as loud as PSE and does not have the continuous stream of *pops/bangs/crackles;  but for the money, it is a worthwhile improvement over standard and adds nicely to the driving experience.

    *can be provoked in 1st, by sudden lift of throttle at ~3/4k revs.  Less apparent in higher gears; still there, but more faintly heard.

    No drone.

    Overall, very happy with it.

  7. On 10/21/2020 at 12:25 AM, daz05 said:

    For those in the know.... the properly specified S is the golden ticket, the difference in price is meant to represent the increase in spec you get over the majority of other 981s on sale.  The market doesn't get into that level of detail so a top spec S is a bit of a bargain in comparison.

    That was my theory when I bought my S.  

    No regrets here :)

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