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  1. 18 minutes ago, Scubaregs said:

    @John K, bet you wish now you'd ran that mondeo into the ground mate. 😉

    We've still got it, but yesterday it broke a front strut spring and shredded a tyre

    At the garage as we squeak and supporting @sa utah view, I'm have all the springs changed on the basis that if one went, the others might go soon

    And I am very much into preemptive maintenance. If Lee at CPS even hinted at an advisory, it got done :thumbsup_still:

  2. 1 hour ago, ½cwt said:

    RTFM is the anacronym you are looking for I believe. 🤔  Perhaps @John K can confirm? 

    But it has to be declared that whilst I tell others to RTFM, I press everything, swear and curse, search on YouTube, ask here and then after sulking for 120 minutes, RTFM...

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  3. On 12/8/2020 at 10:39 PM, iborguk said:

    Cleaned the bolster with ColourLock Leather Cleaning Spirit

    Applied ColourLock Leather Fresh (Dye - Porsche Black in my case)

    Allowed to dry and finished the entire seat with Meguiars Ultimate Leather Balm

    That's an impressive leather care regime, would it work here..?


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  4. Apologies to @jim o'hara you posted a sensible question and once certain people (you all know who you are) got involved it went to Rat shyate

    I hope once you get your Box you get used to this sort of behaviour, manage to ignore it and stick around

    TBH your thread lasted about 3 pages before descending into a farce, which is a bit of a record...

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  5. 2 hours ago, Araf said:

    Don't just walk away...

    What a difference a comma makes...

    This reads like you are advising to stay the course and go for it

    Did you mean "Don't, just walk away..."

    Are you reconsidering a Pedant's Badge..? :P

  6. 2 hours ago, jimboger1 said:

    I’m sure we’ve all been there, desperate for a new car, find one locally with half decent spec which has been into my indy in the past, and possibly available at a half decent price - even though there are red flags, you try to convince yourself that all will be well - we all get caught up in the moment, and for me this was one of those moments 

    Are we still talking about a car..?

    The above also applies to wives...

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  7. It sounds like you've already made up your mind but I would vote...


    As soon as you find any evidence of "mucking about" everything becomes suspect 

    For example the new disks. Were they new or from a scrapper

    And whilst you say your Indy would check it over. An inspection can't guarantee a solid motor

    If the Indy misses something and you end up looking at a big bill your relationship with the Indy will be damaged

    And a three month flip..?

    I'm an optimistic guy but my work has made me very good at calculating all the angles and this white is heading for a pocket...

    Good luck with your search :thumbsup_still:

  8. I loved it when he said he wasn't going to go into technical details in case he got it wrong and the enthusiasts ripped him a new one 

    And then fluffed up the IMS thing :laugh:

    But still a nice short little review showing they aren't all brittle 

    Anybody here want to take him on as to finding a higher mileage 987..?


  9. 26 minutes ago, rowbos said:

    What's wrong with the phrase "Can I offer you a good dollop of Daddies sauce?" 🤔

    When in doubt I always prefix it with the following, read it and see if I would ever want to hear it said in court...

    And the Defendant said "Can I offer you a good dollop of Daddies sauce?"

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  10. 6 minutes ago, iborguk said:

    Another digression

    For crying out loud, when will you lot get with the program and stay on topic

    I'm getting fed up with all these threads drifting about, jeez I'm going to have to complain to Araf about this... 


  11. 6 minutes ago, Menoporsche said:

    Because they are all on land/water owned by the English.

    Come on, that's hardly an excuse

    The Scots are taught how to be poachers even before they are taught how to sign on...

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  12. 10 hours ago, frozen said:

    so to ...momentarily... get back off thread... the winners for scottish cuisine are...

    deep fried mars bar

    deep fried pizza

    haggis neeps and taties (I confess being partial to this)

    Tenents Super

    Mad Dog (only if you're posh)

    and Cullen skink (fish and potato soup)

    ... I'm lost for words.... 

    All of which sound like you would find them under the oil filler cap of a car with a blown head gasket 

    Why would anybody eat this shyate in a country full of venison, salmon and grouse...?

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