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  1. Call them up Sazzy tell them you will never use them again and find another company. As a side issue I watched your demo on how to change a Tension cable which I have to do soon, Very good demo how easy was it to do in your opinion? Regards Pete
  2. Left it to the last minute and got another 20 quid knocked off last years, so saving just over 60 quid happy days. I think keep them hanging on a while sometimes pays.
  3. That's a good deal you have mate. Have a good weekend weather should be good.
  4. So for the past couple of years I have had a price reduction on my car insurance and this year £42 quid cheaper than last year! so I'm very pleased with that, a bit surprised all the same usually it goes the other way. It's nice to know I'm not being ripped off for once. What's been the case with you guys, pay less this year or more? have been with the same company 3 years. Is this a loyalty thing? I hope so.
  5. Davey P you got a good deal I may try them next year I'm a bit older than you so probably worth a shot. Regards...Pete
  6. That's just it Scubaregs I got no warning until the renewal letter said they would be taking x amount out of my account just before it was due, insurance companies are sometimes a little devious IMO hoping you will let it take it's course, the letter arrived with just a day or so before renewal possibly hoping I would just pay and not challenge it. It was only when I made the call to them that they had a change of heart and reduced it. I personally think that could be seen as trying to pull a fast one. Almost £80 more than last year is not a small increase. The other company I use gave me a b
  7. I'm so glad I check my insurance quotes, mine was on Automatic renewal and if I hadn't checked I would have been stung because on this occasion the quote for renewal was almost £80 quid more!! so I called the company I deal with and asked them to take it off automatic renewal. When they asked why I told them politely they were taking the mickey, 30 seconds later I got IT £10 cheaper than last year so a good result in the end. Amazing what a phone call can do. So for those of you who do have Automatic renewal be wary. Take care all.
  8. Here are some of the quotes I had for my insurance. There are some real corkers here: Starting with the biggest I will not mention the company names just the quotes £10,562 yes I know they are taking the p@@S or it was a mistake. £1100 £1200 £900+ £860 £640 £460 £360 I went for A Plan @ £325 fully comp do me lovely this year, see what next year brings. I did have my V8 accident 2 years ago when a Large Skip Wagon went into the back of me at a set of red lights, so that cost his insurance company a lot of dosh. So even though I recovered all the costs I reckon I am still being stung. Pete
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