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  1. Nobbie

    I hadn't realised the PCGB group was quite so local to me. Yes, would like to pop in and see what it's all about. Not sure what you need to book me in, but name is Rob Wilson.

    Here is a photo so you can recognise me on the night, it's not particularly flattering ?, but I'll have a shave before Weds evening.



    Bit late for Halloween I know ?



    1. MD7


      Hi Rob, I'll book you in with Phil Graham who has organised the evening. Also by giving him your name you will get entered into the draw for the prizes on the night. But most of all there should be enough pies to go round, I'll look out for you tommorow it should be a good evening. There is also going to be 15% off parts ordered on the night.

      I look forward to meeting you tomorrow night.


  2. Thanks for your PM and recommendation r1, interestingly whilst I did not receive a call back from Wilmslow I did get a call from a very helpful lady from the Thatcham office yesterday morning, who came up with a good quote but not as good my current insurer, she also pointed out that their insurer would use Porsche parts and approved repair centres, which I had not thought to ask about before. I have a couple more to try, when I get time including t1flyguy's recommendation and will let you all know how I get on.
  3. I called into the A Plan office in Wilmslow on Saturday afternoon, having seen their advertisement on this forum and spoke to a nice and helpful guy with a view to getting a quote for my replacement Porsche. I gave the guy all of the r3 le ant details and he said that he would call me back on Monday with a quote, but so far I've heard nothing which does not exactly fill me with confidence. I've been with LV for years and their quote came out more than £200 cheaper than Compare the Market. Can anyone recommend any other firms that are good for limited mileage cars?
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