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  1. I connected my power feed by tapping into CD changer feed. My box site next to the CD changer. The LED light is hard to see. My unit failed after about 8 months, seller was great, good feedback and service sending a new unit out the day after I'd tried the fixes he gave me. Sorry cant be of more help.
  2. I emailed the seller, now have a replacement which is working well. I sent the old one back and was refunded the postage, no hassle what so ever, great service.
  3. Thanks, that my next step.
  4. I fitted mine in December, very good piece of kit considering only £118. I do have an issue though and wondered if others have experienced this - every so often the unit will not recognise my phone, BT works OK with it, just won’t see the phone. Next time I use it the phone is seen. I have a Galaxy S8 and have also tried my wife’s iPhone 7, both same issue. I’m not sure but quite a few times it seems that if I take too long to switch on the ignition the phone isn’t seen, however it has, to a lesser extent, also happened if I switch the ignition as soon as I get in. Its not a huge issue,
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