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  1. yeah not true! Would have saved some time & money if so cheers
  2. it was a generic eBay kit, looks like it could a waeco but no branding was apparent
  3. you welcome, feel free to ask any questions if need be
  4. get in touch if you need any guidance, cheers
  5. had them in and on today, they took a little time to get warm, but they will do the job! Had a nightmare with the passenger seat runner getting it squared!! found this in the runner!! I did wonder where the cigar lighter was??
  6. took me 10hrs, taking my time. used the switches with the kit, wanted to fit the OEM look but the parts cost was supersonic. The carbon elements are what OEM fit now, but it was the switches i wanted to get right. to be fair, i wanted to hide them away but after a conversation with my Bro in law we agreed that they don't look that offensive
  7. yeah it will all be part of the same system, you should be fine if you dont cycle the ignition.
  8. not a silly question, the airbags are in the doors so not in the seats. I would however not cycle the ignition just to be safe, you could disconnect the battery? I didnt want to possibly affect the key pairing.
  9. good point, hopefully a moderator can move it.
  10. Tilt the backrest forward and unfold the centre panel at the bottom of the back of the backrest, lift the centre upwards from the front and lift at the top with the 3 retaining clips. Lay the centre on the surface and unpick the back material to peel back the cover, you will also need to cut the hog rings ( 9 in total). Lay the heating element out and mark the hog ring locations(the element fitted nicely and I could get access to all of the hog ring locations. similar to the base pics Put the seat back together in reverse order using the pics you have taken along the way. Wiring wise you need to get a positive(I took one form the fuse board) & negative(Earth under the seat), I recommend you do your home work for this as I don’t want to be responsible for any issues!! One thing to be aware of is any money found send half to me as you wouldn’t be doing this otherwise!!
  11. I recommend you take pics to remember the location’s of clips wiring etc. also another recommendation is to lower the roof to aid with access to the seats Tools recommended: Hog ring pliers Philips screwdrivers Trim tools E14 female torx bit Side cutters Camera on your phone for pics torch Remove the seats by first positioning the seat to gain access to the plastic covers that cover the bolts that fix the seats. The seats are held in place with E14 male Torx bolts, remove the front 2 and slide the seat forward to remove the rear 2. Then lift the back rest and tilt forwards, you can then tilt the whole seat backwards to gain access to the electrical connections Pull the slide to release the electrical connection, then remove the 2ndplug and unclip the wiring. You can now lift the seat from the car. I did this by lifting the whole seat upwards out of the car (with the roof lowered). Ignore the base missing on this point!! Put the seat on a good platform, I used the floor for this with an old rug as to not scratch either the floor or the seat cover. Lay the seat on its back and remove the white clip centre and pop the whole clip forward (you see that it can only go forwards) remove the seat base lifter lever. You can now lift the base cushion from the seat frame, be mindful of any wiring that may need to be unclipped. Remove the switch panel by the two screws, the electrical tilt switch can be popped away at the rear(be careful with the tabs). also be careful of the internals of the switch( i managed to break one!!) The cover needs to be undone by unfolding the edge and rotating it, work this away all round the seat base, you will need to remove the staples and remove the cover edges. Now for the tricky part, along the bolster edges the seat cover is clipped into plastic retainers and you need a good tool to pry these part to allow the seat to free itself. Sorry for the poor quality pic hope you can get the gist! Start to fold back the cover and you now need to cut the hog rings, these go the opposite way to this plastic retainers you removed earlier. There are 9 in total to remove. Be sure to remove the cut hog rings as these can perforate the seat cover and even scratch you while driving. You should now have something that resembles the pic (minus the cats of course). I have placed the heating element on the seat. You now need to mark the cuts for the hog rings( I only managed to replace the centre hog rings as my element couldn’t be cut at the side and this was inline with the + & - wires. (see pic below) Be aware that you need to get as many back as possible but the cover is also held at the sides with the plastic retainers. Using a set of hog ring pliers(vw tool number VAG1634A) & hog rings (vw part no. 4L0881743) replace as many as you can ensuring the correct location from the previous marks(this also ensure the seat cover is central when refitting). Also work your way along the plastic retainers as you go along checking for the audible “click”. Trun the seat upside down and work your way around the edges folding the cover back in. (you can lean on the seat base to compress the foam to help) Your done with the base for now!
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