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  1. VIN Look up

    Boxster 987 S

    VIN WP0ZZZ98ZSU720427

    Thanks for this I hope I’ve put this in correct place if not please mail me back with correct form paid this morning with PPal.


  2. Please confirm you have received the previous PM bit different from others I’ve seen.


  3. Afternoon, yes please, I like your one, tell me how much, how you would like paying, would you arrange postage for me TR71QQ. Hopefully there is an instruction book or something on line

    I understand .there is a need to bestow presents upon a Boxster.

    07815 015321 if you’d like to chat.


    1. simon45089


      Hello Keith. I am away this week- just got away before new lockdown. Back home Sunday. I was going to ask for 50% of what I paid plus postage. I will work it all out and get back to you next week if thats ok. My mobile is 07960 205185 if you need to text or whatsapp me.



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