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  1. Thanks mate. I haven't tried the mag advertised insurers yet but will do. I will also try "Classic line" as someone else mentioned them as well. Just go a fairly competitive quote through "Admiral" on the multicar policy. About £660 for the 996 & £306 for my MX5 as they said they would give me Intro 3 years bonus on the MX5. I thought that sounded quite good Any thoughts? Cheers Adam
  2. Previously I owned a Box S but am now looking for a 996. I'm just starting to look at insurance quotes and am having some trouble getting competitive prices. I am trying to ensure a 996 as a limited mileage car (5k a year approx, weekend use) and also ensure a Mazda MX5 as my weekly commute car. The trouble I’m having is that I only have 1 set of no claims discount so whatever way I do it it's working out quite expensive to cover both cars. How do people get around this insuring 2 cars thing?? Can anyone recommend any solutions?? Thanks in advance Adam
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