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  1. ^ Yes I'm thinking this too.. I live in LE65 (NW Leicestershire) and it's a low crime area, I bet it'd be astronomical if I lived somewhere like B6 or central Leeds and parked on the street, it is a big factor. Thanks for your insight everyone, I have a clean record, 10+ years NCD (and I'm old) so I'll have a good try with the compare sites with restricted mileage/no commuting instead of going down the classic route. All of the stuff they load on to make money will be unticked as well, protected no claims, courtesy car, legal cover..
  2. Thanks, I thought this might be a bit of a grey area, the Boxster being classed as a 'future classic' maybe.. I should add I'm with Adrian Flux (not recommended) who put my classic policy up 41% last year for no reason whatsoever, I shopped around but they had all gone up a similar amount, again no reason. Nothing about me or the car has changed at all. Many of these companies give you no NCD accumulating on these classic policies so as you say maybe it's not the way to go on a Boxster?
  3. Some of the earliest cars will be coming up for 19 years old now so is this possible and is anyone doing it? I'm 48 and run a 20 year old Eunos Roadster (imported MX5) on a classic policy and can get several reasonable quotes to choose from. Some companies advertising on the forums seem to specialise in this. My car isn't a daily driver it's just for fun, no commuting and low miles, your recommendations of places to try would be appreciated.
  4. A lot of insurance quotes make no sense to me either, my premium went up 41% last year for no reason whatsoever, not one thing had changed, even shopping around made little difference. I feel like the poor bugger subsidising all the hopeless idiots who can't even reverse out of parking space without hitting something, a lot of you guys will be the same I'm sure. The good news is that I'm old now and have a good record, I've been looking at quotes recently and an early 2.5 Boxster costs me the same to insure (within £20) as a 20 year Eunos Roadster (MX5), so actually I'm well pleased with that.
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