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  1. Nice, and a bit of a bargain. Can I ask, how do you answer an incoming call - can you do it without touching the phone ? I'd try and make a better connection on the live wire if you can, solder / heatshrink or even a crimped bullet connector. Great idea though - I'm using one of those plug in cigar lighter types that connect over FM to the radio - it's a bit rubbish tbh. Cheers, Mike.
  2. That looks a lot tidier - well worth doing if only to remove the muck from behind.
  3. Brilliant - thanks for taking the time. Mike.
  4. Just to close the loop, I ended up staying with my current insurer (after some negotiation), as most of the compare the meerkat types wouldn't cover me once I told them it's not kept at home. I can't fault the service of AIB so far. Cheers, Mike.
  5. Same sort of thing here - Quotemehappy are around 250, depending what I do with the voluntary excess. My current insurer are asking for 520 ?
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