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  1. I decided to go back to the mesh, no reflections and less buffeting
  2. I based my mod on what was done on this thread. I was out in the car yesterday and having spent a couple hours with the hood down I maybe now appreciate why Porsche used a net. First problem is you get the reflection on the gear lever etc in the polycarbonate. The other thing is I wounder if the is more of a draft with a solid defector
  3. I would have to dismantle it which I would rather not do
  4. Just want to thank to OP for this excellent idea. I went with polycarbonate and job done. What made things even easier for me is I have a band saw
  5. Old thread I know but... Would it not be better to use polycarbonate over perspex due to the strength of poly being higher and less susceptible to cracking when cut?
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