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  1. I got an sp30 in Jan of this year and it made bugger all difference to the Boxster premium come April. I would cancel the policy, get a pro quota refund and look elsewhere. £170 is extortionate
  2. I went with Elephant for the Porsche insurance yesterday and they dropped the price by £20 due to less claims. Found Locktons and LV (existing multi car) way too expensive for a car that does circa 5k miles a year
  3. Yeah that points to battery and not the alternator as you say. At least you have found the root cause now 👍🏽
  4. What's the voltage when engine off? Then monitor the voltage and see if it drops off e.g 11.9v today 11v tommorow 10.2 day after Then its the battery not holding charge for a long time and basically faulty.
  5. Opted out of company cars 20 years ago. No brainer that I am better off in my own vehicle, but stop reading if you like having a new car every 3-4 years. I got myself a MK1 Ford focus 1.8 Ghia and ran it for 4 years. Pocketed 20k in that time and spent minimal on the Focus (just regular servicing) After that I started buying BMW's , tend to buy cash 1 year old and keep for 5-6 years. No regrets as I don't need a new poverty spec Hyundai, Toyota or VW every 3-4 years. Company pays us 20p/mile and at the end of the tax year, I claim the difference from the tax man which is currently set at 45p/mile
  6. Dad came over today with his insurance renewal from directline this morning. He is 83 and drives an old Merc less than 2000 miles a year. Last year he paid £698 Auto renewal this year =£812 Did the usual and checked confused.com and got quotes of £745 which is still too much for someone that drives once a week to do his grocery shopping. Rang directline and this years quote is now £690, which is £8 less than last year. Moral of the story, never auto renew and make sure you have that convo with any insurance company.
  7. Never auto renew any type of insurance or cover. How long does it really take to have a quick look on comparison websites and ring original insurer for a price match?
  8. We spoke about South Bucks via PM , I found my insurance went down after moving out of West London
  9. Make sure the roof latch is all the way open!!!
  10. @Mattman42 had this and replaced. I bought some spares as a "when" not "if" it happens to me. Plastic is the way to go as they act like a mechanical fuse and save the rest of the roof.
  11. Nice write up Matt .... Might as well put up a sign "Matt's Mod Shop"
  12. sorry to hear this Patt, hope you find something and quickly. It's a curse of modern living that redundancies are a fact of life
  13. Looks a bit steep to me. My wife and I have a similar NCB to you, but the Porsche is 5000 miles p/a and we insured for £420 with £250 excess. Mind you it's our 3rd car and not a daily driver. Try LV
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