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  1. Hi Paul Was that 987 seats? I think they come apart quite differently and PITArsedly from the 986 ones...... Berni
  2. Hi Excellent video. I would actually do it, but I have 987 seats and I think they are even more of a faff! Berni
  3. Hi Daz I have just done this mod today, thank you for saving me a lot of head scratching. I had previously done this on my 993 but it was a lot easier on that car because you could just wire a different relay in. Tks again Berni
  4. Hi Great work, well done and many thanks for posting. Berni
  5. Hi Just had A-Plan insure my 993 and 986. They did a great job and liaised with the underwriters as my situation was not altogether straightforward. Something you cannot easily get with online or some other brokers. Really excellent rates also. Many thanks Berni
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