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  1. Just a huge thanks to Car Hood who have agreed to sponsor the website for another year! These guys are very generous and we really appreciate the support! @Car Hood Warehouse Thanks!!!
  2. got my first one in 15 years the other day.... i already pay enough ......
  3. my wifes first car.... still going strong at 80k... big roof, leather, heated seats are dead now - was a Euro import back in the day.... perfect for trips to the dump
  4. i did, broke it down to some on multi and some single.... saved me a right few quid 1500 of them. Sorry you missed a chance to quote i did email twice as well...
  5. Got 4 cars on my multi car policy, the latest added car was my q7 back in June which I paid 1k for 6 months insurance which was mental of me but I couldn’t be arsed to ring around and I thought I’d get a cheaper quote come renewal which is 2 weeks away now.... well I’ve just had the renewal through for all 4 cars (2018 q5, 2018 i3s, 2001 polo, 2018 q7) they want over 4K and 2.5k is for the q7!!!!!! wtf even when I had the Macan and rs3 it was miles cheaper time to get busy
  6. Now based in Sevenoaks Unit 7 Sevenoaks Business Centre Crampton’s Road Sevenoaks Kent TN14 5DQ
  7. Car Hood is back supporting BoXa.net for another year Thanks @Car Hood Warehouse http://www.carhood.com
  8. https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/news/recentlyinsured was it worth insuring that MG?
  9. who took out the dealer approved wheel and tyre insurance? anyone made a claim yet?
  10. Have you got any window stickers left?

  11. i see them mentioned over on the macan forum my broker won't do gap and porsche do offer it..... my sales guy was great and if i did go through him I'm sure he'd get a brucey bonus out of it which i don't mind
  12. Need to get this sorted pronto.... dealer wants 600 lids anyone else use another company? best prices got? Will go with dealer if i don't find anything else out there as it will make my life easier
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