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  1. You dont realise how good an insurance company are until you either need to claim or something like this happens. I always feel its very short sighted as it will put you off ever using the company again and also in this age of internet lots of others too!
  2. Update.... Lancaster payments team started sending me text messages this week, one on Monday and one this morning. Asking me to call them. Why they couldn't actually phone me up themselves again to me shows poor customer service. I phoned them as I wanted to see what they wanted me for (to pay their high cancellation charges) and to give them one last chance at using some common sense to come to a resolution. I spoke to someone who listened to me and could understand what I was saying about the legal protection but stated it would still need to be paid. As they didn't seem to want to try and find a solution I thought I better try, I said I would happily pay now and settle the rediculously high cancellation fees if they would remove the £30 legal protection (which is what I had said on both previous phone calls) as I was totally fed up with them by now. He went away to speak to a manager. The outcome was whilst they could not remove the legal protection however they were prepared to reduce the cancellation charges by 20% therefore taking £24 of the £30 legal protection off. I settled at this. So what has it cost?? My premium (including *free* legal protection was £175 for a year, for a limited mileage policy on a eunos roadster. I paid £61 in direct debit payments. I had the insurance policy for 6 weeks. I have then had to pay £98 to cancel policy after the 20% discount. So total cost was £159 for 6 weeks when the yearly premium was £175. Make your own mind up on how I feel about Lancaster Insurance!
  3. Its just a phone call to speak to FOS which I intend to do on Monday when I have time. I know what you are saying about my time but I cant bear just to hand the money over without trying to fight what is clearly wrong.
  4. Update from complaint team is essentially a big f-off tablet, they believe they have done everything right and I agreed to having legal protection added.I did but only after they told me it wasnt going to cost anything. What a con. I cant believe they are being like this over a few quid. Poor customer service!!Financial Ombudsman next.
  5. In comparison when I cancelled an LV policy there was no charge at all. Much better company!
  6. I am having issues with Lancaster insurance. I took a policy out with them about 6 weeks ago. When I phoned for a quote they seemed professional and offered a reasonable price on the policy. I was asked if I wanted Legal protection to which I replied no. I was originally quoted another 30 quid for it but as it was a limited miles policy I really wasn't bothered about it. I was then told they could do a deal on my policy and they could discount the legal protection so that it wasn't costing any extra and therefore appeared foc. I agreed to that and took out policy. Move forward 6 weeks and I swopped my car. I called Lancaster to swop my insurance over to my new vehicle, a 2007 57 plate Boxster. They stated the change over would be an additional £500+ for the change. I said that that was far too much as I could get a brand new policy for less than £400. I asked for them to cancel my policy which was only £175 for the year (on a eunos roadster) I was shocked to be told that despite only having the policy for 6 weeks I would have to pay a £70 arrangement fee, a £29 cancellation fee and wait for it, £29.95 for the (free) legal protection. So despite having already paid just over £40 of the original £175 premium, to cancel I would effectively have to pay up the same as the cost of the whole policy. They stated that I would still have to pay for the legal protection as it was discounted when I took the policy out and should I cancel the policy I would then have to pay for it in full. I have spent almost 2hrs in total so far with Lancaster Insurance disputing this as I have told them I wont pay the Legal protection charge as I never wanted it in the first place. I raised a complaint with them over this charge 9 days ago. So far the complaints team, who I was told are "very busy" (wonder why) haven't had chance to listen to the original phone calls when I took the policy out which will clearly show I did not ask for the protection. Meanwhile I am still paying the direct debit payments for this policy as they wont cancel this until the complaints team have looked at it. Looking on google about Lancaster Insurance this is a very common theme and have extremely poor feedback. They make it impossible for you to swop your insurance over onto a new vehicle by giving you an inflated price then when you are forced to cancel they make up fees so that you end up paying for your old policy anyway. Not a good experience and they have lost me as a future customer forever along with everyone else that seems to ever want to change their vehicle. A very short sighted business operation imo. Beware!!
  7. The photos at the start of this are no longer visible, can this be re posted as I would like a clear deflector on mine
  8. Is the backlight the same orange as CDR22. What extra hardware would be required?? I expect with this being brand new it may be pricey????

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