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  1. edc

    Horn Fix

    @Araf this needs to be saved in the how to's.
  2. Tell them to find some good second hand identical shape windows for £7.5k Or ask them to purchase the brand new ones, weather them to "unbetter" them before delivery to you that way they can take the betterment argument away ...
  3. Get the insurers to commission a report to show the cost of repairing the existing units. Bet that's more than £15k!
  4. By that logic they should cover 50% of the subsidence repairs as the house is old. The point of insurance is to revert you to the position you were in before. That doesn't necessarily mean old for new but comparable.
  5. Hopefully he's not a plumber and armed with his plunger. I do have a rodding kit if anyone's drains are really backed up 🤣
  6. Clearly been married and out the game too long 🤣
  7. If you are happy to invest in the stock market you may as well invest in a pension. The money ends up in the same market. You will lay platform fees etc when you self trade like you will pay AMC as you now have an administration system and find manager as your tools. Likewise, if it's an employer pension scheme you will be getting employer contributions ie money for nothing. You may as well invest/contribute to a pension over a stocks and shares ISA.
  8. An IFA isn't an investment or fund manager though. A pension is just a tax efficient savings vehicle. Growth all depends on what you are invested in. I had a previous pension with Sterling and the range of fund choices was in the 100s. With a SIPP you can just control and choose with more choice compared to the more limited range of consolidated fund offerings from a traditional pension provider. If you are not happy with your fund performance you can always change.
  9. It's not jus the amount going in tax free but you will also get employer contributions of varying levels. I get 10% for the 5% I put in. If you are in a lifestyle based default fund and you never touch it the fund types will vary depending on your age bracket. In many respects now may be a good time to plough more in while the market is quite flat. I got some great growth in one of my old employer schemes but over the years all my pensions have all ended up under Scottish Widows in 3 different pots.
  10. I would do lots more homework or get some advice. You can't pull the cash out. It's not the just the AMC you have to think about but also what the range of funds are and how easy it is for you to move around. Often the AMC headline rare applies to the default funds but if you want to self invest then of course the AMC on those funds will vary. Typically though your current employer AMC should be quite favourable. You also need to look at the charges for moving your pension funds from one to another. It's not really any harder than moving one savings account funds to another.
  11. Worth checking the AMC on your current work/GPP/DC as it might be worth moving them all there.
  12. edc

    Ac removal

    The condensers weigh next to nothing. You'll save more weight removing the parcel shelf and spare wheel.
  13. If the battery is tested good thing then at idle is should be around 12.4v and when under load running 14.4v https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254197055372
  14. 550 Anniversary, £305, agreed valuation, all mods declared, AXA via Locktons 👍 Could potentially have got it fractionally cheaper with Aviva as have 2 other cars with them but couldn't add all the mods online and couldn't see how to get an agreed valuation and couldn't be bothered to call them. Not as old as some of you lot on here 😂
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