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  1. Can’t help except to say I got my adaptors from Incartec and everything worked great. https://incartec.co.uk/Porsche
  2. Would it be possible to have a copy of the CDR24 radio owners handbook in pdf please, as my car (bought yesterday) hasn't got one.

    Many thanks


  3. FYI My refund is listed as pending for Wednesday in my online banking.
  4. Nice. My only suggestion would be to shorten the opening montage sequence a bit.
  5. Are you using any of the Ctek extension cables? I had a problem with mine that was caused by one of my extensions having failed. Plugging CTEK end directly into whatever adaptor you have to connect to car should help you confirm that
  6. There are two common problems related to the ignition and steering lock assembly on a 986 and 996. Here I'll cover the worse of the two issues, but touch upon the simpler one along the way. Recently I've been having trouble turning the ignition. The key has been getting harder to turn in the lock, and often fails to return to its normal running position automatically after starting the car. It had to be manually twisted back slightly after starting as otherwise the heating system and headlights won't work. There are several How To's online on fixing the two issues, so as such this wo
  7. Gutley

    Zunsport grills

    Yeah. That’s similar to when i did my 987. You have to jab the ‘hooks’ with a screwdriver
  8. Hi Sarah. This nearly caught me out when I got Betty. Basically the NCB applies to one person/car combination at a time. So you can move it from one car to another but you can't add a 2nd car. I'm with Admiral Multi-car and they said that although I couldn't use my Full no Claim also applied to Betty, they would give me a non-transferrable equivalent discount on Bettty. i.e I'm accruing a new set of No Claims on Betty starting at year zero when I bought it, but only paying the equivalent of Full no claims. i.e if I moved to a different insurer then so far I'd only have 1 year on Betty.
  9. Maybe it had previously been replaced and the clip was not kept. Look for a hole going through the dome section.
  10. Recently I've noticed a new rattle behind the driver's ear, so today I had a nose around and discovered that the tension rope on the driver's side had snapped: and left the other end of the ball joint still attached to the clamshell: I headed off to OPC Tonbridge to pick up a replacement part (986.561.191.02 - £27.44 after PCGB discount) Having previously had to undo the other end multiple times to raise the rear of the roof, I had assumed that it would be just as easy to twist this top joint off. But after some over-hard attempts and with the bracket starting t
  11. Welcome to 986 land chaps. Many a time I've wondered what a disembodied hand is doing behind me rear window
  12. @Araf - Any chance of moving this to a better section? It ain't no meet or track day.
  13. Hi Matt

    any news on the car yet from Rev.?

  14. Hi Gutley,

    You can add me to the Map.

    I'm based in Whitehaven, Cumbria Postcode CA28 8AD

    Own a 987.2 (2010), my first Porsche (since Oct 2016)..... Love it, especially driving around the Lakes.




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