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  1. Nor I and my renewal starts on the 19th. Be interesting to see what they do. The agent I negociated with on the renewal could not discuss it !
  2. Had my renewal email through for Mid May last earlier in the week approx. £50 down on last year for the 4 cars. Need to look at the quote in more detail online now for each car and to see if this price is with the refund !
  3. I'm with Admiral, with a four car multi so should get a £100 back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . my renewal is in May I wonder what that will be? I suspect i will be back to single car quotes.
  4. Yes another shout for Admiral here. Could never find a classic quote that was better than having the Boxster on the Admiral multicar. Again its the cheapest of 4 cars and on 8000 miles a year. No add on other than legal but again my bank account gives breakdown, forign travel and various other bits. Plus the the big benefit, in my eyes at least, I get four cars covered in one deal, simples !
  5. Yep, always a good idea to keep an eye out for water under seats, but the box under the pass. seats controls locking, alarm, windows I believe. As @Boxob suggest most likely the switch if everything else is fine. If you have rain sensing wipers that may complicate the issue a little. I would hope a decent indy could give you a ball park figure for diagnostic and repairs. A second hand unit from a breakers might be a way forward if its is the switch unit. An unusual fault I would say, so perhaps a worthwhile punt getting a used unit, having said that I have no idea what such an item would cost used. New, your friendly OPC can tell you, with no obligation, and they are often very competitive on just parts.
  6. This is when the hood fails to locate around the windows in the correct way and, as you say, sits outside the plastic folding frame. Sometimes its an elastic strap thats loose in the back of the hood and takes about 15 mins to fix if you know what your doing, thats not me by the way. Read through from the begining as Sazzy makes it very clear whats what, good luck 👍
  7. Sorry to hear this Patt, best of luck in the job search
  8. Thats a great " how to thread" thread thats going to be very useful for sure
  9. Hi Matt

    any news on the car yet from Rev.?

  10. Your inbox is full i think, tried to drop you a PM.

  11. Good to meet you again today Bob. Impressive PCGB facility, and was surprised how friendly most of them seemed to be. Not upto BoXa.net standards, but then who is!

    All the best.


  12. I do have that visor Matt, passenger side but not Cocoa, yours if you can use it though, no problem. Would you like a pic. Cos there's a bit missing?

    1. topradio


      Matt. You should be able to swap over the broken flap and keep your visor.

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