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  1. Insurance companies have no instructions around restrictions for vehicle use during lockdown. You would have to get something in writing from your insurance company stating you are not covered if you do X Until then drive free! PS that won't stop the police pulling you over though
  2. Had at one point two current Sp30's on the PCGB scheme, no change in premium...
  3. @Araf could we get this pinned in the 'how to' section
  4. Yeah it's Locktons, the policy has it limits for cover, i.e garaged, no commuting use etc, but it suits me, I can see why it doesn't for a lot of people. If I didn't have agreed value I'd probably be insured elsewhere.
  5. I must be one of the few people the PCGB policy works out for mine is garaged, agreed value is £8,500 which is a nice comfort this time of year, 5,000 mile limit, the policy is building up it's own NCB, got three lots of NCB and only two cars, good excuse for another car I guess, my premium was the same as last year, policy due again in December let's see what happens.
  6. Great video mate, really appreciate it, we should get this copied and pinned in the how to section, @Araf
  7. Can't fault Locktons, I had to use the breakdown service and it was great, very fast, I have agreed value with them as they accepted the PCGB valuation, track day cover for PCGB arranged events if I ever need it. and the price has stayed at £315 for the last two years.
  8. I've got full breakdown including homestart and full EU recovery with Locktons Insurance on the PCGB scheme, I've used the breakdown service once, absolutely perfect. broke down at a supermarket at 3pm on a Sunday, Phone the insurance hotline, truck was with me in 40 mins and I was delivered home 35 mins later.
  9. Try Locktons - best Porsche cover - they use to give you free first year to PCGB as well, think thats ended now though.
  10. I'm with Locktons, agreed value, Euro breakdown (I've even used it once) no extra for agreed value and it was from PCGB
  11. http://howtoporsche.com/ http://howtoporsche.com/porsche-maintenance-guides-by-model/
  12. thank you so much mate, I feel a little project coming on
  13. I use Locktons - they will pay for you to join PCGB and my premium is the same as last year £315 - http://locktonperformance.com/our-cover/porsche.html The key benefits of Porsche insurance through our PCGB Scheme policy are: A fast and fair claims service. You choose the repairer. No arguments about the value of your Porsche after a claim. You can keep the salvage if your Porsche is written-off. Five named drivers. You can use your Porsche for Track Days and Rallies. Your Porsche is insured for driving in the EU. Complete UK & EU breakdown cover. We'll look after everything if your keys are stolen.
  14. Unfortunately it's a bumper off job with mesh behind for you sw*nky facelift guys/girls
  15. Are these the ones that burst into flames? Only joking, I had to replace my number plates lights as one 'blew' other than that the rest were a great upgrade
  16. I was also expecting the magic sponge!
  17. Great work. Exactly what I was looking for, had this ebay listing for ages for a new gear stick gaiter and just knew it was a simple job of replacement!
  18. Out for a Porsche Pub Crawl tonight, mainly in the Droitwich Area :)

  19. Taking the wife out on a Porsche pub crawl, just need to convince her to drive!

    1. mickemo


      You'll be lucky Southy

  20. Great write up mate. Unfortunately for me my cluster has in built leds so I wasn't able to change them All the same this write up gave me the confidence to have a go
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