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  1. I bet you could be onto a nice little earner with those. £10 to make, £200 to purchase!
  2. Hi Capa, I've first hand experience of the same thing, same company. Insured through Admiral, someone bumped the Cayman. Passed to Albany as no-fault claim. I had to pay my excess, which is then refunded when the third party insurer accept liability. I didn't have to pay any other costs, including the like-for-like replacement hire car. Which I had for about a month! Anyhow, car was repaired - I also requested official Porsche centre repairs to ensure certificates come resale. Collected car, paid excess, all done. And then the wait began. I think it was about 9 months before I got my excess - the third party insurer dragged their heels (which I believe is just part of industry practice) and Albany are jobsworths at best when it comes to recovering this - leisurely would be a polite term. In the end I managed to get the details of the third party insurer from Albany (not sure if they should have given me these), I called them myself and had my excess back within 2 days. Absolutely rediculous. I'm told that excess recovery and liability acceptance can take a year. But, on a £10k claim, the £500 excess was pretty miniscule. Despite that problem, in the scheme of things, this is the path of least stress in my opinion if you want your pride and joy taking care of exactly as it should be and I would still do the same. The cars repairs were faultless.
  3. You could use Day Insure, but not sure about the situation with regards the tax. I've used them in the past when I had overlapping cars. http://www.dayinsure.com/
  4. Sounds about right to me, not too bad at all. Try Adrian Flux or Admiral Multicar (if you have a couple of motors). I used to be with Flux, they were very good initially. Multicar saved me £50 overall for both our cars over the cheapest competitor (Elephant incidentally). Paul.
  5. Very funky!!! A bit "after the horse has bolted" (sorry), but dayinsure would have been a good one. www.dayinsure.com . I've used them before, and I think they are much cheaper than what you paid. Hey-ho, you've just bought a fairly expensive motor, whats another £50 for a loving mum, eh.
  6. Very funky!!! A bit "after the horse has bolted" (sorry), but dayinsure would have been a good one. www.dayinsure.com . I've used them before, and I think they are much cheaper than what you paid. Hey-ho, you've just bought a fairly expensive motor, whats another £50 for a loving mum, eh.
  7. I've got a BP scheme on mine, but im sure it also has a guaranteed future value. I also thought they mentioned handing keys back at the end. However, I have to admit I don't intend on having the finance that long to use either option so I wasn't really paying attention. I'm wondering if they maybe sold it to me in such as way that it implied these things but wasn't a definate agreed option. Perhaps they used to take the keys back when the equity in these cars was significantly higher, even though they weren't obliged too, and now the market is on its a.rse they aren't quite so keen. Thinking about it, I've not been any help at all really with all that - but I do sympathise with your situation and hope you get it resolved soon. Paul.
  8. Ask for a settlement figure - I'm sure the charge is 1 months interest, so it will be what you owe + about £100 depending on your balance obviously. Is it worth it? Depends how quick your going to pay the loan off. If its a good few years and your APR with Porsche is rubbish, then you should benefit in the long run. Cheers! Paul.
  9. Thanks guys - I'll call them tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, its a rebranded version of day-insure. Same price (about £350 for 28 days ). Anyone know any others? Cheers!
  11. hi all, Can anyone recommend an insurer that will do short-term insurance please? I'm thinking 1 to 3 months. I didn't want to take a full policy as I think these cost more in terms of cancellation charges, and sites such as Day-Insure are massively expensive for a 28 day policy. Cheers, Paul.
  12. Ive insured the Cayman today and was told by both insurers that if the mods came from the factory, and didn't affect the appearance of the car then they didn't need to know about them. So the bodykit might affect it, and the wheels, but it seems that insurers vary with this policy. Paul.
  13. ...unless your partner was stationary at the time of the crash possibly?? Assuming she was joining the queue on the r'bout and her car was stopped (and you have witnesses) then it could be argued that at a busy time, the other car was going too fast for the traffic and just ploughed into a queue. Either way, I'm with the majority in that it will go against your partner, or the insurers might opt for a 50/50. Good luck either way! Paul.
  14. I found the opposite, Pop. Adrian Flux sent me my renewal last year, which couldn't be beaten - but it was accompanied with a letter written in a huge font saying we will guarantee to beat any other quote. They did the same this year. I found one for £80 cheaper, and true to there word I got £90 off the original quote. Maybe they have upped their game now - good news for us motorists. Paul.
  15. Admiral quoted me £1400, Performance Insurance were very good (08700 469 027), came back at £720, £75 cheaper than Adrian Flux. Called Mr Flux and after a bit of searching, they matched it down to £710, including my pending speeding fine from the motorway. Happy dappy doo!!!
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