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Help with aircon pipe part number please


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I'm not being lazy but I can't find a part number for my aircon pipe that needs replacing and wonder if you'd be kind enough...

It's the long one nearest to the edge underneath the driver's side.

2004 Boxster S.

Many thanks as always,

cheers Kim

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Larger diameter pipe is 996 573 091 01, smaller 996 573 092 01.  Get new O-rings too, large diameter (17 x 2 mm) 999 707 534 41, small diameter (10 x 2 mm) 999 707 434 41 or 999 707 250 40.  The rear joint on to the flexible hoses in the engine bay can be seized (steel bolt into alloy fitting). my joint was leaking and it just came off before burring out the Allen bolt head...  New bolt fitted with some aluminium assembly compound on the thread.

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The pipe numbers have changed slightly they are now 99657309102 and 99657309203 total from the OPC with 10% discount was £350 

make sure you get a couple of bolts as the back ones tend to seize solid. The Porsche ones are expensive but you can get them on eBay four for £4.20. 

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Make sure you have a decent impact set of Allen sockets.  When you try to undo the bolts hold the aluminium connection with an adjustable spanner to stop it moving. 
don’t use heat as the refrigerant turns nasty when exposed to heat. 
if a bolt snaps cut it out from the aluminium housing that it screws into as this is the bit you are replacing. 
the black pipe holders hex fixing should just pull off but mine snapped off so I just used a self tapper into the plastic that was welded to the old stud. 
good luck!

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