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  1. Looks like an excellent / discreet / useful and reversible mod! Nicely optioned 981 too...
  2. I "think" (from swapping the fuel sender out on a 986) the fuel tank sits central - under the battery - evenly distributed.
  3. Great cheap fix. I bought the Porsche kit a while back, fitted it around page two or three of my old running report http://www.BoXa.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=62446&page=1 Worked very well - But the kit was around £20-25 then.
  4. Cheers Mike (I am ultra tight !!). He had a better attitude today - just the arrogance and feeling I was being conned. Anyway - it's a sunny weekend ??
  5. Thanks Glyn - I've checked the land registry and there is no registered charge / interest on our title - which is all good. (Totally agree if there was one I would 100% just suck it up - and yes still whine about the admin fee!!). I see the church can subsequently apply for the rights - but as you say that is beyond the 2013 deadline (given to them in 2002) to register their interest in certain properties - ie at time of purchase it was fine for me. I can see in the future a similar situation to PPI - where (like me) I've been told to have liability because there is a church within a few mile
  6. Stu - Top advice as usual. Oddly the mortgage company (checked with two of their underwriters) say it is not a condition!! Called solicitors - admin team tell me it's a condition / a must have - I explain I've called mortgage provider... ... get put through to the solicitor. I deal with all sorts of people in my job - But what an arrogant, patronising, aggressive chap he is! (Presumably because effectively his bluff was called). Anyway all will be well - mortgage company have emailed him saying it is not required - hopefully job done. Thanks again for the advice.
  7. Hi Stu - That's very useful - thank you. To be fair they 'appeared' up front - I'll review the written quote today / in addition to speaking to the lender directly and see how it pans out. Thanks for the advice.
  8. I need to confirm that is the case (ie it is insisted as opposed to 'i'm obliged to try and word it as if you need it....'). Totally agree with all the comments - just annoyed over another "admin" (aka doing my job) fee.... But no big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  9. Hi all, just in process of purchasing a house which has got the 'potential' for risk against the chancel costs (ie church coming begging for repair monies etc). My own view is this is total nonsense and would never be put into effect in practise. In my last two houses I did not have this insurance. However my solicitor has stated it is required by the mortgage company (I'm yet to get that from horses mouth). Reason for the moan is that the policy's are only £15 (many sites offer these). However these policy's are for solicitors - and my solicitor wants to charge £60 admin fee to arrange (ie pr
  10. Thanks Eddy - I'm going to call and clear that up with them as my 987 had a few boxes ticked from new.
  11. Not claimed, aside from a screen in the 986 (which was fine despite my fussyness!) but been insured with them last three years. Initially the 986 s & wife's 206, good prices eve at renewal. This year they couldn't help me with her (new to her) A3 Sportback. So she left them. I had insured my daily (mangy Honda civic for £170 a year). I then added the 987 - reasonable - as both 987 & civic cost me about £450 together, very pleased. Only downside was altering the plate (if later than 14 days of start of policy) admin charge (regardless of my moaning) was £17.50... Other than that - happy
  12. Had the same issue when my Tesco policy had a couple of months to run - Tracker waved the joining fee & did it for £11.50 per month / no tie in, to cancel when required. (Admiral then didn't require it).
  13. Try Classic Line insurance - www.classiclineinsurance.co.uk/, they looked after me when I had the 944 S2, reasonable price & no need to use any ncb on their policy as the discount comes from the limited mileage etc. Will do this in future on mine ( but as a facelift it's not old enough, though not far off! ). Looking at a 924 as a daily runner / usable car insured on a classic policy with them to save the ncb drama. (as box is with admiral using my ncb). Hope they can assist.
  14. I've always had good quotes from MCE (MC Edwards I think) - only a little GSX-R 600 but it was fun .........
  15. Indeed, thought swiftcover or admiral maybe a winner for other members...
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