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  1. On the good side of things, made me look at my pension stuff and make right decisions at the right times...
  2. Side thought, last time I took advice from financial advisor it was to buy an endowment mortgage...... That went well - NOT!
  3. I consolidated several smaller pensions into my then latest at ICL, and it was a good move, end result was it (by now a Fujitsu pension) started paying out at 60, it's worth a little more than what the government pension will be. I did it all by hand, was very easy - does this pensionbee cost anything? I recently ran one of those (company) annuity projections on my now company pension, having almost discounted an annuity as returning bad numbers, maybe drawdown instead, and was pleasantly surprised... it was a little like compare the meerkat sort of thing with the top 5 or 6 companies giving what they'd offer yearly, I will exhaust all the offers of free advice via government sites nearer the time. Lots of little bits, make a bigger bit 🙂 Consolidate! Rider on that was the ICL pension was of a particular type which I forget name of or how/what/where/when..
  4. 987.1 3.2S 2006 with deactivate key switch at end of dash with passenger door open, not sure about isofix, think that came a bit later.... 🙂
  5. Bank holiday Monday started with email saying refund within 2 weeks, Yay :-)
  6. I tend to flip between AA and RAC when they try to charge some silly amount... Expecting refund for 4 cars from Admiral... As an aside, I have daughters cars insured through my policy - and I'm acting as the policy administrator, but each as their own building on no claims etc, this August will be first renewal so do wonder how that will go...
  7. Next chapter, have added younger daughter to Admiral multicar, her renewal was £469, joining my administered policy, £294, isn't a year of course as renewal is August, but even so....
  8. A year on with Admiral multicar, got even better, 535d £450, Boxster £227, but best of all, gave the VW Jetta to daughter, 26 new driver, expecting in general around £1400 for her as had put details into that meerkat thing, got handed over to new business person, first attempt was £1900, explained at that rate I'll be looking elsewhere, she then realised I had 2 cars already with them, it appears if I become something like policy admin, despite her being 19 miles away, so different address, circumstances etc, earning own NCD, came back with £757, so have all 3 insured for roughly what was expecting to pay for her first year on the road, and yes I got her insurance docs but that's easy so give next time see her.
  9. OK I'm a preaching the gospel tomorrow, multicar..... :-)
  10. I reckon I'll believe it when I see the paperwork....
  11. Admiral multicar policy with VW Jetta 1.6tdi Bluemotion, BMW 535d M-Sport, the policy renewal date is August 2019 so any additional car runs from nowish till then, so not a full year. Hadn't moved the Boxster onto the multicar yet cos renewal hadn't come around, have ten years protected no claims, added legal claims service, car is kept in a garage and only about 6,000 miles a year. Current insurers sent renewal doc with £489 but over the page that grew to £531 with add on Legal Expenses, this sort of figure is kinda what was expecting. Ten mins on the phone to add third car, had to have him repeat it because first off I thought that was the legal expenses add on.... £81.98 Still shocked, I know it's only till next August, so not a full year... but I mean!!! Stunned :-)
  12. Plymouth Uni and mums at Goran haven is that a place? Very hilly and tight....the village...
  13. Doesn't matter what you say, somehow one of the insurance companies will try to wring as much out of you as they can. Thankfully, there no honour amongst insurance companies and another will hopefully try to stiff one of the others. (sort of heard that phrase before...) Daughters moved address in Cornwall and saved £54 on a £720 policy, next time around get rid of black box....
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