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  1. Probably a bit late but if you still have the 981 brochures I would like them please, I can send a cheque or transfer for the postage cost thanks Regards Russell 

  2. I noticed on a 718 I had as a loaner that they have changed the grade of mesh to be more transparent. Damn, should have swapped it!
  3. Me too - but on a mildly related note, when I had a 718 as a courtesy car recently, I noticed they've changed the material to make it a little more 'rear view friendly' Still, it's not clear Perspex though!
  4. Hi Clare. I did! Unfortunately the quotes were in line with the comparison sites. Car was insured for 8k miles, two drivers, clean licenses and max NCDs
  5. Our insurance is up for renewal too. I've got to be honest, I tried all of these 'forum discounts' - A-Plan, AIB, Adrian Flux. After going all retro and spending 20mins on the phone going through all of your details (had forgotten how bloody laborious that is!) None of them were much different to the comparison websites. You can probably get a better deal finding a good option on the 'comparewhoever.com' sites and use Quidco to get cach back from a direct quote/purchase. Just my experience....
  6. Firstly £799 is extortionate. You can get 3rd party cover for much cheaper as you've seen. For me, it depends on the wheels you have. If a scuff can be locally repaired I'd not bother. I bought this for a Mini we had that had a diamond cut finish and ran on run flats. One scuffed wheel and one flat tyre and it paid for itself. If you have a spare £300 and prefer the peace of mind, I'd be inclined to go for it.
  7. Might be worth a quick update on this really useful thread. Adding the model number in brackets after each item would help, and there are a few common issues for the 981 now too, off the top of my head; - Roof wear/creasing - Brake pedal microswitch - internal fan sticking Likely more!
  8. Don't forget Quidco too. I usually scope out the cheapest companies via comparison site. Then go direct via Quidco. You can get anywhere between £25-£75 cash back. Insurance is a winner on that site, pays out a decent sum for new policies.
  9. Hi Tony I've had wheel/tyre insurance in the same policy in the past, given my wife's love of the kerb, it was worth the money! I'd take the bundle if it was available. Incidentally - who did your refurb? Did they re-skim the wheel? or did they touch up with a 'matching paint' (I've seen this done on diamond cut alloys before if its a minor scuff on the rim).
  10. Ah yes, searching the internet!!! I should have thought of that! Maybe I should have been a little more verbose in my post.... I've googled this and looked at numerous links. Most sites fail for one of the following reasons They only sell policies if you have bought from a dealer (OPC or independent)Your car needs to be <180 days oldThe car needs to be listed in the Glass' guide. Porsche vehicles are notDiamond cut alloys are excluded (I have Carrera Classics)Bundled with GAP insurance may be an option, I'll look into that too - but I'm sure that GAP will need to be a dealer purchase t
  11. Hi All I'm about to buy a Boxster private that has pristine 20" Classic wheels. These will not be cheap to repair! Does anyone know if you can buy alloy wheel insurance directly anywhere? Most seem tied to buying a car from a garage only. Any ideas folks?
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