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  1. Why would you consider claiming with a £500 excess? I have a non fault claim on my bike policy, another rider ran into the back of me, caught on video and he admitted liability, it has still raised my cars and bike premiums slightly.
  2. Talk to them tomorrow, mention the word Ombudsman.
  3. How far ahead can you quote and can you do multi car policies?
  4. Could you not have stayed in the less salubrious offices and dropped the premiums? 😄
  5. It's difficult enough to get out of a locked frunk, even in you're not chained.
  6. Drain holes no, collection pocket yes. 😇
  7. What a coincidence, you own a Porsche and are also on a Barbados travel group I frequent. So, this second job as a scamming piece of shyate, get much satisfaction from it?
  8. Been asked before, those that have more than 15 characters did so before the limit was imposed. Were they to edit now they would be restricted to 15.
  9. Apologies if this has been posted before. Thought it might be of some interest.
  10. Well what do you know, some pond dwelling, bottom feeding scum of an oxygen thief has joined our merry crew.
  11. Cheers. Air seems the best solution, getting access to it may require a bit of thought.
  12. No, it was quite a quick look as weather was closing in and I had nothing suitable to hand. Is something like this advisable to use? Bit wary of poking anything down the drain holes tbh. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Herco-Single-Trombone-Nylon-Brush/dp/B000K3E9KO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=trombone+cleaner&qid=1579044076&sr=8-3
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