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  1. Exactly what I did , masked up stone chipped couple of coats and then rattle can top coat, looks much tidier.
  2. Mentioned elsewhere, i have three I’ve made now in stock, two for 987.1 and one for a 986, two more that have been sold, are out for delivery, so will be interesting to see the feedback from them.
  3. I got the same feeling also, there is a tangible difference, not light and day but definitely worth doing.
  4. Yes it does, just recently bought one myself
  5. Ensure the intake rubber bellows are correctly on , may look OK from the top but have turned In under neath, if done correctly cleaning out should not make it run ragged, recheck your work.
  6. I use hastings direct for the fact they are know where near where I live so how would they know I've been involved in an accident etc. !!!!!!!
  7. "Excuse me sir may I stroke your crocodile" Oh Sam surely a man of your profound intelligence would be caught out more than once!!!?
  8. Oh yes!! But needed a re map to make the most, and the 987 Airbox job is somewhat of a challenge on bare skin and knuckles, so yes I've done it would I do it for somebody else no ....unless the price was right of course !!
  9. I did all the above and more on my 986 S ,would I do it again ....NO!,,,,
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