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  1. Exactly what I did , masked up stone chipped couple of coats and then rattle can top coat, looks much tidier.
  2. Mentioned elsewhere, i have three I’ve made now in stock, two for 987.1 and one for a 986, two more that have been sold, are out for delivery, so will be interesting to see the feedback from them.
  3. I got the same feeling also, there is a tangible difference, not light and day but definitely worth doing.
  4. Yes it does, just recently bought one myself
  5. Ensure the intake rubber bellows are correctly on , may look OK from the top but have turned In under neath, if done correctly cleaning out should not make it run ragged, recheck your work.
  6. I use hastings direct for the fact they are know where near where I live so how would they know I've been involved in an accident etc. !!!!!!!
  7. "Excuse me sir may I stroke your crocodile" Oh Sam surely a man of your profound intelligence would be caught out more than once!!!?
  8. I would say an hour each on the front and two hours each for the rears, probably less with the right tackle, lift etc, took me about that time working off the garage floor one side at a time, give or take, and that was with some stubborn stuff.
  9. Hi Luke ,have you done springs all round? Mick
  10. I split the hub nut off to do mine, long way in to those cap heads if you don't have 4 foots worth of extensions!! See you don't use anti seize on reassembly I'm more for the once bitten twice shy approach based on it could be me pulling it apart next time.
  11. Yes it will be because no doubt when you had it down last time everything went back with plenty of anti seize!!
  12. Done everything that you are currently doing on your 986, takes a while between projects for your skin to grow back?!! But press on enjoying your vids and sympathisig at the same time, wait till you do the rear Spring change....a bit of a faff especially if you have no space and working on your back.
  13. Oh yes!! But needed a re map to make the most, and the 987 Airbox job is somewhat of a challenge on bare skin and knuckles, so yes I've done it would I do it for somebody else no ....unless the price was right of course !!
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