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  1. Hi Michael, I recently purchased the Boxster you had from Russ. I look forward to learning from the forum and enjoying the car. 
    Lee 👍 

    1. bally4563


      Hi Lee,

      You have got a good purchase there, I bought it as an interim project, went right through it, replaced anything that was on the way out, put a clutch and Rear Main Seal in, changed gear box oil and fully serviced it, so just keep on top of oil and filter changes ( 12 months or 4K) and enjoy


    2. Goody1664


      Hey Mick, sorry only just read your message. I’m sure this question gets asked all the time, but as far as I’m aware the IMS bearing has never been changed? Did you get to check this when you went through it? If so, can you remember how long ago it was and the rough mileage? 
      Love the car, just doing minor bits to it currently. 

      kind regards



  2. Exactly what I did , masked up stone chipped couple of coats and then rattle can top coat, looks much tidier.
  3. Mentioned elsewhere, i have three I’ve made now in stock, two for 987.1 and one for a 986, two more that have been sold, are out for delivery, so will be interesting to see the feedback from them.
  4. I got the same feeling also, there is a tangible difference, not light and day but definitely worth doing.
  5. Yes it does, just recently bought one myself
  6. Ensure the intake rubber bellows are correctly on , may look OK from the top but have turned In under neath, if done correctly cleaning out should not make it run ragged, recheck your work.
  7. I use hastings direct for the fact they are know where near where I live so how would they know I've been involved in an accident etc. !!!!!!!
  8. "Excuse me sir may I stroke your crocodile" Oh Sam surely a man of your profound intelligence would be caught out more than once!!!?
  9. Oh yes!! But needed a re map to make the most, and the 987 Airbox job is somewhat of a challenge on bare skin and knuckles, so yes I've done it would I do it for somebody else no ....unless the price was right of course !!
  10. I did all the above and more on my 986 S ,would I do it again ....NO!,,,,
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