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  1. I get that the vehicle spec should be fact checked. A plan seem to do it differently to anyone else. ok. Point taken. As to the cyclic windscreen question once again the response has been WHO not WHAT but since i am not taking up the cover it’s no longer relevant to me I am sure A Plan provide a fantastic value for money service and deal with only the best insurers out there and their procedures are totally appropriate and for those that choose to take up the cover the exact terms of their insurance cover is clear to them.
  2. Yeah. Ok. Many owners won’t. So ask “any modifications” then drill in. same as all the other the specialist insurers do. someone on this thread was rejected because they had spacers - which could even be a factory option. but that’s not rally the point. Still don’t know if I can have a Porsche windscreen let alone cover my nitrous supercharged cigarette lighter and the person I spoke to didn’t know either. I am not confortable with a broker who doesn’t understand the product they are selling if it works for anyone else great. it didn’t for me, and I won’t ask them again for slightly more money for slightly more restrictive conditions for potentially no better cover.
  3. You really have to ask if a boxster is diesel ? Honestly - not had that from any other broker or insurance company, yes, some do say "2 door, 3.4ltr, uk car" ? but nobidy has ever asked the specific questions - OK, doesn't matter - it's just process, but it was a surprise. Yes - I called Thatcham. As to genuine parts - conversation went like this "If it needs a windscreen, will genuine porsche part be used" "The insurers say which places you can go" "Yes - they have approved fitters, but what part will be used" "We can ask them if you want to use somewhere else" "Don't care so much about who, it's what, say for example I have an accident and damage the suspension, do I get pressured into having "what Eurocarparts" have on the shelf, or do I get genuine parts" "I will ask the car parts people and phone you back" .... "I spoke to them and they said "yeah" That's the bit that didn't inspire confidence - I would expect that type of info to be essentially the value add of specialist insurance. So, if I was to take out insurance I would want that defined clearly, as part of the schedule of insurance exactly what the policy was on parts and which repairers, because honestly, there is no real point to specialist insurance if you don't get clarity on that kind of thing. For what it's worth - the wording in the quote I received specific to windscreens says Windscreen/Glass –unlimited cover provided our approved glass supplier is used and is subject to a standard compulsory windscreen excess That doesn't say "we will cover fitting a genuine manufacturer screen, that says "we will pay to put in what we think is fine" But - the quote was competitive, but not special, I am not confident in what the value add of the policy would be based on the above. Not a problem, but not for me.
  4. Not a consistent thing I found over five insurance companies, the others managed to get all they needed from reg number. A plan were the only ones who asked those questions. Do they quote for many 5 door 7 seat boxster diesels or was it a test ? Others just said “uk car” ? A few reeled off the spec. even admiral were ok with the reg number and a confirmation that their lookup was the car I was talking about. Each to their own but other brokers were able to give specifics on repair and replacement cover as opposed to “yeah they said yeah” wouldn’t want to be having to remind the broker of what they committed the underwriter to in a phone call a good few months back if it mattered whilst i don’t equate cost to value also more mine than current insurer others are happy with what they got Great Just not for me
  5. Was a bit surprised when the questions after reg number and “Porsche Boxster” went. “ how many doors?” “ how many seats” “petrol or diesel ?” didn’t feel that specialist to me. Quote was ok (10 quid more for essentially same as I have but I don’t currently have a mileage restriction ) but seemed to get complicated when I said “so if it needs a windscreen can I get a Porsche Oem one”. Took a good 10 minutes to explain I wasn’t asking where I got it fitted I was asking what would be offered after a check with the underwriters that came back as “ yeah they said yeah”, not exactly a firm contract then I said “ so if I hit a kerb and bent the suspension could I have genuine parts fitted”, “yeah they will be The right parts we will make a case for you” Not confidence inspiring so once again not this time, likely won’t ask again next year
  6. I have no facts or experience to back up this - this is just shooting the breeze Are you ( or are you eligible to be) an Irish Citizen - if so - dual passport is a possibility - in which case your Irish half can have an EU license? Or - are you able to take a driving test in Ireland to get an irish license? Is it worth a call to your family car insurers to see what their take is - or possibly shopping around for insurance companies who would extend cover?
  7. Bit of general advice - always check with Porsche dealer on their price to retrofit stuff (and for general parts etc) they often offer some discount for porsche club membership ( and rarely check if you are actually a member). There are some great Indy's out there who may well be cheaper, and there are a number out there that are not so great and not so cheap - so baseline the cost of anything special against porsche 1st. one example - cruise retrofit - 4 indy's asked, 3 bothered to reply, one said "get the bits and I will fit it - about 300 quid labour - parts were about 200 but he wouldn't order them from porsche because "you know what they are like"! , the other 2 - 500 or 650..... Porsche quoted me 450 supply and fitted with a courtesy car......
  8. was certainly an option in the gen 2 987 - 1st one didn't have it (nor the isofix mounts in the seat), current one does - isofix, kwy switch on end of dash and warning light/panel in the centre console.
  9. Admiral (at least about 4 years ago) had an automatic +80 quid on renewal if you had a no fault claim in the previous year - their argument was "our statistics show that if you have a no fault claim one year then you are more likely to have a fault claim the following year" ! - I argued that if that was the case then perhaps adjust my policy excess to add 80 quid - and therefore if they were right - they got their money - but that of course fell on deaf ears. I flipped to aviva for a years and then back to admiral - I haven't done the big comparison thing (I can't face describing a 5 car policy with 4 drivers, 2 who drive everything, 1 who just drives one car and 1 who drives 2 of the 4 cars) 10 times on the phone with all the where do you drive where do you park and what is your job and all that BS - but admiral have been OK on price last few years - especially as the kids moved from high risk teenagers in to their 20's. I trid taking the porsche out of the multicar last year and going with a specialist, but because I do more than 6K a year in the boxster, worked out double the cost of leaving it all at Admiral. I figure if/when the windscreen is an issue - I will stump up the difference for Porsche supplied and I will still be quids in vs Locktons or similar All insurance companies are sharks, none are registered charities, so they all make their money by taking in more in premiums than they pay out in claims - and they are very very good at it. What I think is actually deplorable is the way they work with the "approved repairers and accident management companies" - last claim I had on daily (got side swiped by a german lorry who was parked on the hardshoulder on a stationary motorway and pulled out into the traffic - into my car (engine off and stopped still for 20 mins) - the "approved repairer" and the "accident management company - and associated ambulance chasing lawyers - were all part of the same group of companies as the insurance company. They quote each other stupid money, push people to say "I want a porsche as a loan car", and charge each other 50 quid for "estimates" - and it's all our money they are spending, about time they got the same going over as Banks and Pay Day loan companies and Pyramid Sellers get. That all said I think Admiral's "gesture" was a welcome surprise. ......... thanks for listening.... rant over.......... beer o'clock.
  10. Admiral multi car here - five cars, 4 drivers, two kids (23 yr old twins) insured on their own and each others car, me and the mrs on all the cars, paid 1500 fully comp. - When we added the 5th car few years ago (mrs got a little pug 107) they did some magic with ncd and the incremental cost for a 3 yr old 107 was £38 for the remaining 10 months. I tried Locktons for the Boxster but they weren't able to compete - would have been great for 5K - but I am not their target demographic because I put about 10K a year on the box.
  11. Anyone else think that all these clauses in the policy (however good the company) are just fake weasel words - I just want - this me - insure my car. Them - do you use it to commute to work, is it parked in a private car park, do you drive it on motorways (yes - been asked that DIrect line - and then they said "which ones") Me: Maybe Them: well our underwirtiers (computer program) imagine that because you drive during the week, on a road, when others are on it that you are "high risk" so that will be be £xxxxxx - but if I say "only on sundays, to church, at 6 mph with jesus steering and only then if its sunny and everyone in the county has promised to use another road" then they graciously knock of 75 quid form the quote. I just want - me, car how much and stop f*cking about, because at this end of the deal you are looking for ways to make it seem cheap and at the other end you are looking for ways to avoid paying out. Whole motor insurance / body repairers /ambulance chasers are robbers - they should be the next industry to get the "so you are a (w)(b)anker" treatment.
  12. Got a quote from Lockton - great service and good to deal with but I blew the criteria - I drive it regularly, sometimes to work - did 8K miles last year - they were double Admiral for 10K (admiral is unlimited) - and only 50% more when I dropped the mileage to 7.5K - they themselves said that they wouldn;t be competitive and suggested I was better off with Admiral . Maybe if it was a different (more unique) car that I used rarely, had a lot of time invested and used on track days etc - then I would go again - but for a fairly generic, same price as a 2nd hand audi or bmw boxster then perhaps mainstream insurance is the best option - with of course that all insurance is a) a scam b) a lottery and c) only as good as when you have to claim.
  13. @ShazbotTop marks for the humour in the commentary and the ingenuity. Not a mod I will need, my kids are fighting me to drive mine. But I like your style.
  14. I am with the RAC - three of us - full cover (home,recovery, onward travel etc. etc.) as driver/passenger (so any car) renewal just came in at £325 - two phone calls and a bit of bargaining - came down to £150 - both RAC and AA respond with "can't improve that" and then you say "competitor quoted xxxx for equivalent" and they go into price match - then argue for a bit more to keep an existing customer etc.
  15. Variance is amazing - I am with Admiral - 5 cars/4 drivers , kids insured on their cars (2) me and mrs insured on all - boxster covered for daily commuting use - no mileage limit - 1250 fully comp the lot - to be honest when renewal comes I just can't be a***d to go through all the cars, usage, milage, no claims (admiral gave us credit for no claims over the 7 year max when we added a little pug 107 to the fleet - charged us 85 for the year !) for maybe 50 quid I possibly could beat it - and I might take the boxster out and put it on locktons or similar if I can get "daily driver" at a decent rate - I might try one day - but for now - it will do.
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