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  1. I have no facts or experience to back up this - this is just shooting the breeze Are you ( or are you eligible to be) an Irish Citizen - if so - dual passport is a possibility - in which case your Irish half can have an EU license? Or - are you able to take a driving test in Ireland to get an irish license? Is it worth a call to your family car insurers to see what their take is - or possibly shopping around for insurance companies who would extend cover?
  2. Bit of general advice - always check with Porsche dealer on their price to retrofit stuff (and for general parts etc) they often offer some discount for porsche club membership ( and rarely check if you are actually a member). There are some great Indy's out there who may well be cheaper, and there are a number out there that are not so great and not so cheap - so baseline the cost of anything special against porsche 1st. one example - cruise retrofit - 4 indy's asked, 3 bothered to reply, one said "get the bits and I will fit it - about 300 quid labour - parts were about 200 but he would
  3. was certainly an option in the gen 2 987 - 1st one didn't have it (nor the isofix mounts in the seat), current one does - isofix, kwy switch on end of dash and warning light/panel in the centre console.
  4. Admiral (at least about 4 years ago) had an automatic +80 quid on renewal if you had a no fault claim in the previous year - their argument was "our statistics show that if you have a no fault claim one year then you are more likely to have a fault claim the following year" ! - I argued that if that was the case then perhaps adjust my policy excess to add 80 quid - and therefore if they were right - they got their money - but that of course fell on deaf ears. I flipped to aviva for a years and then back to admiral - I haven't done the big comparison thing (I can't face describing a 5 car polic
  5. Admiral multi car here - five cars, 4 drivers, two kids (23 yr old twins) insured on their own and each others car, me and the mrs on all the cars, paid 1500 fully comp. - When we added the 5th car few years ago (mrs got a little pug 107) they did some magic with ncd and the incremental cost for a 3 yr old 107 was £38 for the remaining 10 months. I tried Locktons for the Boxster but they weren't able to compete - would have been great for 5K - but I am not their target demographic because I put about 10K a year on the box.
  6. Anyone else think that all these clauses in the policy (however good the company) are just fake weasel words - I just want - this me - insure my car. Them - do you use it to commute to work, is it parked in a private car park, do you drive it on motorways (yes - been asked that DIrect line - and then they said "which ones") Me: Maybe Them: well our underwirtiers (computer program) imagine that because you drive during the week, on a road, when others are on it that you are "high risk" so that will be be £xxxxxx - but if I say "only on sundays, to church, at 6 mph with jesus ste
  7. Got a quote from Lockton - great service and good to deal with but I blew the criteria - I drive it regularly, sometimes to work - did 8K miles last year - they were double Admiral for 10K (admiral is unlimited) - and only 50% more when I dropped the mileage to 7.5K - they themselves said that they wouldn;t be competitive and suggested I was better off with Admiral . Maybe if it was a different (more unique) car that I used rarely, had a lot of time invested and used on track days etc - then I would go again - but for a fairly generic, same price as a 2nd hand audi or bmw boxster then pe
  8. @ShazbotTop marks for the humour in the commentary and the ingenuity. Not a mod I will need, my kids are fighting me to drive mine. But I like your style.
  9. I am with the RAC - three of us - full cover (home,recovery, onward travel etc. etc.) as driver/passenger (so any car) renewal just came in at £325 - two phone calls and a bit of bargaining - came down to £150 - both RAC and AA respond with "can't improve that" and then you say "competitor quoted xxxx for equivalent" and they go into price match - then argue for a bit more to keep an existing customer etc.
  10. Variance is amazing - I am with Admiral - 5 cars/4 drivers , kids insured on their cars (2) me and mrs insured on all - boxster covered for daily commuting use - no mileage limit - 1250 fully comp the lot - to be honest when renewal comes I just can't be a***d to go through all the cars, usage, milage, no claims (admiral gave us credit for no claims over the 7 year max when we added a little pug 107 to the fleet - charged us 85 for the year !) for maybe 50 quid I possibly could beat it - and I might take the boxster out and put it on locktons or similar if I can get "daily driver" at a d
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